When A Scorpio Man Disrespects You

Let’s face it — no matter how much you love someone, you’ll never be happy in a relationship if they don’t respect you. In fact, there are many red flags that come up when looking for the right partner, and disrespecting you is one of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating a Scorpio man … Read more

Finding Out If a Scorpio Man Will Say I Love You

When you first meet a guy and things start to heat up, the question of whether he’ll say I love you first is bound to pop up in your head. Even if you’re not dating him exclusively or thinking about getting serious, it’s still nice to know what his intentions are before taking things any … Read more

Do Capricorns Hold Grudges?

Capricorns are known for their loyalty and tendency to stay serious in a crisis. They’re also known for holding a grudge. How can these seemingly contradictory descriptions exist as one person? It’s because Capricorns are complex, multidimensional people. While they might be serious and loyal, they’re not afraid to let others know when they’ve been … Read more

The Truth About Aries: Do They Hold Grudges?

Are Aries the type to hold a grudge? The answer isn’t so simple. Yes and no, depending on which Aries you ask. People are complicated; even astrological signs can’t be pigeonholed so neatly. Just as every human is unique, every zodiac sign has its nuances and complexities. Does that mean you should take what you … Read more

Pisces: Do They Hold Grudges?

Dating a Pisces can be wonderful and frustrating at the same time. They are romantic, kindhearted, and sensitive individuals. However, they can also be prone to holding grudges. If you’ve been dating a Pisces and they haven’t been acting like their usual selves, it could be because they’re holding a grudge. Read on to find … Read more

How Long Does It Take for Libras to Get Over Being Mad?

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Why Are Scorpios So Emotionally Sensitive?

‍Scorpio is the sign of secrets and depths, as well as being a fixed water sign. This all makes it seem a little unusual that Scorpios tend to have such thin emotional skins, easily hurt and actually quite sensitive. Do they feel so much because they have hidden depths? Or are the pressures of modern … Read more

Drum Smoker vs Weber Kettle

The Differences Between A Drum Smoker and A Weber Kettle ‍ Drum smokers are built like barrels, with a narrow top and bottom so that the fire can reach all sides of the meat. This design helps a drum smoker achieve smoke penetration and moisture retention better than other types of smokers do. The result … Read more

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