The Truth About Aries: Do They Hold Grudges?

Are Aries the type to hold a grudge? The answer isn’t so simple. Yes and no, depending on which Aries you ask. People are complicated; even astrological signs can’t be pigeonholed so neatly. Just as every human is unique, every zodiac sign has its nuances and complexities.

Does that mean you should take what you read about them with a grain of salt? Absolutely! Keep reading for some truths about this fire sign and whether or not they hold grudges.

How to know if an Aries holds a grudge

First things first: you probably don’t want to ask them directly. People are unlikely to admit to holding a grudge unless they’re feeling vulnerable enough to do so. That said, there are a few ways you can get a sense of whether or not they are nursing resentment. – Talk to them about any painful past experiences. Openly discuss what happened to see if they have any regrets.

If they do, it’s a good sign they’ve let go. If they don’t, it may be a sign they’re still holding onto hurt feelings. – Observe how they interact with others One way Aries may deal with conflict is by withdrawing from the other person entirely. If they’re quick to anger and slow to forgive, that may be a sign they’re still holding onto the grudge. – What do they talk about?

If they’re quick to bring up past events and people, it may be an indication they’re still holding onto the grudge. – What do they read about? If they’re constantly reading about past conflicts, that may also be a sign they’re holding onto the grudge.

Why do Aries hold grudges?

Aries are confident people. That confidence can manifest as stubbornness; they may not see their side of the story as a grudge so much as a source of pride. When they believe they’re right, they don’t feel the need to apologize or make amends. If someone wronged them, they may not be interested in making peace so much as they are in proving they were right. They may not even realize they’re holding a grudge.

Aries are direct people. They’re not ones to mince words; they like to get to the point. If they feel disrespected, they’re likely to shut off communication entirely. The grudge may be more about their need for closure than any desire for revenge. When the offending party has acknowledged their actions and apologized, the Aries may be satisfied enough to move on.

When an Aries doesn’t hold a grudge

Aries are likely to let go of a grudge when they feel safe again. If they were in a dangerous situation, they may be more likely to hold onto the grudge. If they were hurt by an action, they may be more likely to forgive when they feel safe again. If they feel disrespected, they may be less likely to forgive.

If they’re in a heated moment, they may say something they regret. If they receive a sincere apology, they may let go of the grudge. If the other person doesn’t acknowledge their actions or doesn’t apologize, the Aries is likely to continue holding onto the grudge.

How Aries tend to respond when they’re angry.

Aries can be fiery people; they have a lot of passion and a lot of energy. If they’re angry, they’re likely to be very vocal about it. Aries are likely to confront the person they’re angry with. They aren’t the types to stew in silence; they like to put their feelings out there.

They may feel better after confronting the other person or they may just feel like they’ve gotten it off their chest. When they’re hurt by an action, they may try to hurt the other person back. They may have a short temper and fly off the handle easily. If they’re upset with a person and not sure how to respond, they may lash out at the first person who crosses their path.

Other ways Aries deal with conflict.

Aries aren’t the only ones who deal with conflict. If another person is dealing with conflict, an Aries may try to help them work through it. They’re likely to be honest with the person. They may encourage them to confront the person who hurt them or they may just give them space to process the situation privately.

If an Aries feels like they’re the one dealing with conflict, they may try to talk it out with another person. They may be more likely to do this if they feel like they’ve worked through their emotions and they’re ready to let the grudge go.


Aries are direct people. They don’t tend to mince words, but they are also honest. If they feel like they’ve been wronged, they’re likely to confront the person responsible and let them know.

If they feel like they’ve hurt another person, they’re likely to confront them as well. Aries are fiery people and they have a lot of passion in their lives. If they’re holding onto a grudge, it’s probably because they feel unsafe. Once they feel safe again, they’re likely to let the grudge go.