Bao Vs. Mantou: The Battle of the Traditional Asian Steamed Buns.

We all love steamed buns, but there are two main styles of : the bao and the mantou. The bao, which is a type of Chinese bun, has a fluffy and soft texture.

The mantou is more like a steamed bun and it has a heavier and denser texture than the bao.

Both types of have their pros and cons, but which one wins? Let’s take a look at what makes each type unique.

The primary difference between a Bao and a Mantou is that the former is a steamed bun that has a sweet or savory filling and the latter is a steamed bun without filling. Mantou also has 2 flat sides and can be eaten plain as a side dish.

What makes a bao a bao?

The bao is a type of Chinese bun with a fluffy and soft texture. The bun comes from the north of China, where they’re filled with sweet or savory ingredients like pork and cabbage.

When you bite into a bao, it has an airy and fluffy texture that hugs your mouth and creates a textural contrast between the dough and the filling.

The bao is typically served as an appetizer, but can also be eaten as a meal on its own.

What makes a mantou a mantou?

The mantou is a steamed bun that can be eaten on its own. The dough is usually made from all-purpose flour, salt, yeast, and warm water. The bao has a white bread-like texture, but the mantou has more of a brown bread-like texture. The mantou also has less or no filling unlike the bao.

Which one is better?

Although the bao is more popular, the mantou actually has a lot of benefits. The mantou is often considered the “unsung hero” of Asian dumplings because it has a much denser, heavier texture.

This means that mantous are great for soaking up sauces or soups. The bao doesn’t do this as well because they are softer and fluffier in texture.

So, if you’re looking for something to eat with soup or sauce, then the mantou is right for you.

Mantous are also seen as having more significance in Chinese culture than baos.

However, despite these differences, both types of dumpling have their pros and cons so it’s really up to your preference which one you enjoy most!


A bao is a steamed bun stuffed with savory fillings, most commonly pork. A mantou is a type of Chinese bread typically eaten as breakfast food. Both bao and mantou are popular options for street food in China and Taiwan.

The question of which dumpling is better is not easy to answer. A bao’s dough is made with yeast, making it softer and sweeter than the dough of a mantou.

The filling inside a bao can be anything from chopped meat to vegetables and the dough is typically thinner than a mantou.

A mantou, on the other hand, can be filled with anything from meat to vegetables and the dough is thicker than a bao.

So what’s the answer? It depends on your taste preference. If you enjoy softer dough and sweeter filling, then a bao is for you. If you prefer filling that can be easily chewed and has an earthy flavor, then a mantou is the dumpling for you.