Bao Vs. Pork Bun: What’s the Difference?

Bao and pork buns are both delicious dishes. They are traditionally eaten as appetizers or snacks in China or Taiwan, where they are known as “baozi”. However, there are some differences between the two dishes.

The first difference is that bao is typically steamed whereas pork buns are pan-fried. Bao also usually have a sweeter filling than pork buns which often have meat fillings.

Lets be clear here though, that its absolutely possible to have a hybrid of the two. That is a steamed Bao bun with pork filling. As shown in the video below.

Finally, while it can be made fresh, bao is often sold frozen or refrigerated which makes it more convenient to eat–unlike pork bun!

There’s also a little bit of variation in taste between them too. Baos usually have a softer texture with more bread-like qualities so they’re less flaky than pork buns. You can find both dishes at your neighborhood Chinese takeout restaurant so give them both a try!

What are the differences between baos and pork buns?

Baos and pork buns are both Chinese-inspired dishes that can be eaten as an appetizer or a snack. They each have their own variations in taste and texture.

Baos are usually steamed while pork buns are pan-fried, they usually have different fillings, and they can either be made fresh or frozen/refrigerated for more convenience.

If you’re interested in trying both dishes, you’ll likely find baos at your local Chinese takeout restaurant!

How are they served?

Bao are usually steamed in a steamer, but in some cases they are baked in an oven. Pork buns are pan-fried on occasion.

How is the filling different?

The difference between bao and pork buns is that pork buns are pan-fried while baos are usually steamed. Pork buns often have meat fillings like ground pork, whereas baos typically have a sweeter filling like red bean paste. Many combinations of meat and sauce can be used as filling. Baos In Vietnam for example have beef and egg which are called Bun Bao.

Where can you find them?

Pork buns are more common in China and Taiwan while baos are more popular in Vietnam and Singapore. You can find both of these dishes in your neighborhood Chinese takeout restaurant.


There are many differences between baos and pork buns. First, while both are served in savory, doughy buns, pork buns are served with some type of filling, while baos are usually served alone. Baos are also smaller than pork buns. But Baos can also vary in size from large to small. Lastly, while both are typically found in Chinese cuisine, baos are more commonly found in Taiwanese cuisine. They also are quite common in Vietnam. Hope this helped!