What Vegetable Goes With Mashed Potatoes?

Vegetables That Go Great With Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are already one of the most delicious side dishes out there. They’re creamy, buttery, and rich in flavor. And when you top them with other delicious foods, they become even better. For example, this list shows you other vegetables that go great with mashed potatoes.

Food pairing is an art, and it takes time and effort to find new combinations that everyone enjoys. So, check out this list and see if any of these sounds good to you. You might even find a few new side dishes you want to try.


People often associate carrots with being a side dish for meat dishes. However, they go great with mashed potatoes as well. The sweetness of carrots complements mashed potatoes well. You can add carrots to the mashed potatoes in many different ways. You can add chopped carrots to the mashed potatoes, or you can add carrots to a creamy potato soup. Another great idea is to steam fresh carrots and use their stock in the mashed potatoes.


Turnips go great with mashed potatoes. They are sweeter than other greens, so they taste great with mashed potatoes. You can put any sauce or dip you like on mashed potatoes, but turnips have a great flavor on their own. They are similar to potatoes, so they add a great taste to mashed potatoes. Some people use mashed potatoes as a crudités, which means they serve them instead of carrots or other vegetables. The mashed turnips can also accompany a classic burger.


If you’re looking for a vegetable that is sweet, but also not carrots, then you should try parsnips. They go great with mashed potatoes and enjoy a nice sweetness that balances with the rest of the vegetables on this list. For some people, parsnips are an acquired taste, but they are a great vegetable to add to mashed potatoes.

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is another vegetable that goes great with mashed potatoes. These sweet and delicious vegetables are perfect for pairing with mashed potatoes. So, what can you do with mashed potatoes and a butternut squash? You can add pasta and make a classic pasta bake. In fact, many classic recipes call for butternut squash.


Eggplant and mashed potatoes are a match made in heaven. These vegetables have a great sweet taste that goes well with the creamy mashed potatoes. You can also use eggplant in a number of Italian recipes when you put them in a sauce and serve them over pasta. Another idea is to create a reuben sandwich with the eggplant and corned beef.


Spinach is another great vegetable that pairs well with mashed potatoes. These greens are often used in soups, but they also go well on mashed potatoes. If you like healthier dishes, you should try making a soup with spinach and potatoes. You can also add chopped spinach to the mashed potatoes to add a different texture, flavor, and color to the dish.


Fennel goes great with mashed potatoes. These vegetables are often used in Italian dishes like bruschetta, Sicilian carpaccio, and a variety of soups. You can add mashed potatoes to these Italian recipes to give a great taste to the dish. Another idea is to steam fresh fennels and use their broth in the mashed potatoes.


Collard greens are not only delicious, but they are also one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. These greens add a nice flavor to mashed potatoes. You can steam fresh collard greens or use frozen ones for the best results. You can also use canned ones, but fresh ones taste better. Peas and broccoli are also great to pair with mashed potato.


Mashed potatoes go great with many vegetables. They are creamy, rich in taste, and delicious. These foods are delicious, and they go great with mashed potatoes. You can also use them to create many different dishes. From pasta to sandwich fillings, mashed potatoes have a lot of potential. So, why not try some of these other foods on this list? They’re delicious, nutritious, and they go great with mashed potatoes.