What Vegetable Goes With Mexican Food?

Mexican cuisine is rich in spice and bold flavors, making it an ideal fit for some of the country’s favorite vegetables. The Mexican penchant for adding fresh herbs and spices to everything from beans to meat gives them a great opportunity to showcase their flavors as well.

If you love the idea of adding veggies to your Mexican meals, take a look below to learn more about the different veggies you can serve up alongside your tacos, enchiladas, and more.

The best vegetables that go with Mexican are beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, corn, onions, sweet potatoes and don’t forget some greens. A garden salad mix side can also do the trick.


These are usually served in mild and medium flavors, and are frequently used in soups, salads, and tacos. The mild flavor is perfect for taco fillings and enchiladas, while Mexican Corn Chowder and refried beans are good choices for soups.


Corn is eaten as a taco side in Mexico and also served at breakfast as a tortilla-wrapped treat called “masa”. You can also find corn on restaurant tables as a side dish, or in salsas, salads, and refried bean dishes.


Mexicans love their onions. There are many different types of onions, but all work well as taco ingredients. You’ll often find onions served raw in salads, but the Mexicans also love their onions smothered in chili sauce. You could also try a whole or half grilled or baked onions as a side.


If you’ve ever wondered whether tomatoes belong on a Mexican food menu, the answer is a resounding yes! Tomatoes are popular in salsas, salads, and tacos, as well as in stews, enchiladas, and soups. They can also be cut in half and fried quickly for a tasty treat.


Mushrooms are a great taco side, but their flavor can be lost easily when grilled. To keep them from getting lost in the mix, you’ll often find that Mexican cooks cut mushrooms into small pieces and either saute them before adding them to tacos or serve them raw.


Mexican squash varieties are often the perfect mix of sweet and savory and make great taco ingredients. You can often find squash in a salsa or a salad, but you can also find it used in tacos as a filling or a side.


Carrots are another versatile vegetable that work well as taco ingredients. You can find them served raw, grilled, or sauteed, but they are also common in salads and salsas.


Cucumbers are a refreshing taco side that is common in many Mexican dishes. You can find them served raw in salads, salsas, or as a condiment, but they are also part of several Mexican snack foods.

Sweet Potato

Mexican sweet potatoes are often orange, yellow, or purple, and they make a delicious taco ingredient. You can find them sauteed, grilled, or used in recipes that call for yams or white potatoes.


With Mexican cuisine, the best vegetables you can use are beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots corn and onions. Don’t forget to include some greens too!

Mexican food is one of the most exciting cuisines around, and there are so many ways to mix it up and make it your own. You can easily adapt this type of food to suit your tastes by experimenting with different types of vegetables and herbs.

They’re cheap, easy to prepare, and taste amazing. Mexican cuisine does not skimp on the table full of colorful vegetables, allowing for the most delicious and nutritious meals around!

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack to hold you over while you’re working or need a meal that’s packed with protein and vitamins, Mexican with veggies are a perfect choice.