What Meats Go With Fennel? The Best Options

Fennel is a sweet and aromatic vegetable that is popular in many cuisines. It is used as a vegetable in salads, soups, and other main dishes.

The fennel bulb has a long shelf life and can be stored in sealed containers for several months. It grows well in most regions and is not fussy about soil conditions.

You may wonder what meats go well with fennel or how it is used in cooking. Keep reading for more details.


One of the best beef dishes with fennel is beef stew. The fennel, garlic, and beef all blend well in this hearty dish. Beef stew is a popular dish all year long in many countries.

You can also use beef for tacos or beef stew tacos. This is another Mexican dish that is delicious with fennel.

Other beef dishes that go well with fennel include beef stroganoff, beef stroganoff tacos, and beef stroganoff sandwiches. And be sure to check out the roast beef joint and fennel video below !


Lamb also goes well with fennel and garlic. You can use baby lamb for this dish or cut up a larger lamb shoulder roast. If you have never tried lamb, you are in for a treat. It is a very tender and delicious meat.

You can pair lamb with fennel and garlic in a dish called Greek lamb and salad.

The dressing in this salad is the star of the show. Other lamb dishes that go well with fennel include Greek lamb, lamb and barley soup, and lamb shawarma.


Pork is another meat that goes well with fennel. Pork chops are a good choice because they cook quickly and taste delicious. You can also use pork meatballs or pork meatballs and tomato sauce.

Other pork dishes that go well with fennel include pork paella, pork and bean tacos, and pork fajitas.

Pork Fennel Burgers in the video below are amazing! Check it out!


Chicken is a great protein that is inexpensive and versatile. It goes well with many vegetables and herbs. One of the best chicken dishes with fennel is roasted chicken with fennel and garlic.

Roast chicken is a staple in many cuisines and it is easy to make at home. Other chicken dishes that go well with fennel include chicken and rice soup, chicken and bean burritos, and chicken salads.

Check out the Italian chicken thighs with Fennel Below


Seafood is a great choice for those who are watching their weight. Many people eat seafood to make up for the high amounts of protein and fat that they consume in other dishes.

Another reason to eat seafood is because it is healthy and full of nutrients. You can eat fish and shellfish as often as you want. However, it is best to choose types of fish and shellfish that are high in nutrients.

One of the best seafood dishes with fennel is fennel and shrimp frittata. Shrimp are inexpensive and flavorful seafood that is also packed with nutrients.

Other seafood dishes that go well with fennel include shrimp and grits, roasted salmon and fennel salad, and grilled salmon and fennel salad.

Heres another video to get your juices flowing !


Fennel is a popular vegetable that is used for many dishes. It is used as a meat tenderizer and is popular in Italian cuisine. It can also be eaten raw or cooked.

When using fennel in recipes, it goes well with meat, seafood, and vegetables. You can also use fennel seeds instead of the fresh fennel bulb.

It is a good idea to grow your own fennel since it is easy to do and fruits and vegetables can be stored for several months.