What Meats go on an Italian Sub?

The Italian Sub: What Kind of Meats Go On It?

The Italian sub is one of the most common sandwiches in the world. People love them for their simplicity, ease of preparation, and taste. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about an Italian sub.

What Is an Italian Sub?

An Italian sub is a sandwich made with bread, salami, ham, and a variety of cheeses. It is often served with garlic or herb oil and sometimes sweet peppers.

Italian subs may have a variety of meats, depending on the region and the taste of the customers. Typical subs include mortadella, prosciutto, coppa, and salami.

Italian subs are sometimes called a “roast beef” sub because of the similarities in appearance and ingredients. However, Italian subs are usually made with dry-cured or salted meats, unlike the bagged, canned roast beef Americans are used to.

What Types of Meat Go On an Italian Sub?

Italian subs are typically made with salami, ham, mortadella, prosciutto, and coppa. These are all types of Italian meats.

Salami: Salami comes in a variety of shapes and colors. It is made from the intestines, spleen, or stomach of pork. It is either dry-cured or wet-cured. Dry-cured salami is a pale yellow-grey color. Wet-cured salami is a darker brown-red color.

Ham: Ham is cured pork leg, shoulder, or ham bone. It is red or brown in color and is either soft or hard-cured. Soft-cured ham is a bit blander than hard-cured ham.

Mortadella: Mortadella is a mild, white pork product made from the meat of the meat from the meat around the stomach. Mortadella is either dry-cured or wet-cured. Dry-cured mortadella is pale yellow in color. Wet-cured mortadella is darker brown in color.

Variations of an Italian Sub

There are many variations of the Italian sub, depending on the region and the taste of the customers.

Alfonso Bread is often used to make an Italian sub. alfonso bread can be “rolled” or “pulled.” “Rolled” alfonso bread has a darker, crispier crust on the outside, while “pulled” alfonso bread has a softer, chewier outside.

Italian sub Roll: This version of the Italian sub has salami, ham, and mortadella. It is typically served on a baguette roll.

Romano Roll: The “romano” roll has a small portion of sweet peppers on top, which makes it sweeter than the alfonso roll.

Other Meats You Can Put On an Italian Sub

Some people choose to put other types of meat on their Italian subs. For example:

Chicken: Some people choose to put chicken on their Italian subs, either dry- or wet-cured. Dry-cured chicken can be used as a substitute for ham. Wet-cured chicken, however, is less common in an Italian sub.

Turkey: Turkey is often used as a substitute for ham.


Italian subs are simple to make and easy to eat. They are popular because they taste great, are inexpensive, and are easy to prep. While they do have a few key ingredients, they can be customized to meet your preferences and needs.

Italian subs are typically made with dry-cured or wet-cured meats, like salami, ham, mortadella, and prosciutto. They can also have other types of meats, like prosciutto and chicken. They are typically served with bread and/or a baguette roll.