Can I Use Honey Instead Of Agave?

Agave has been a popular, natural sweetener for decades. It is often used in health food and vegan cooking. However, it is not the only option out there. Honey is a delicious alternative that can be substituted for agave in recipes. It’s also more nutrient rich than agave. But how do you know what to … Read more

What Can I Use Instead of Allspice?

It is important to have a variety of spices in your kitchen. Whether you enjoy cooking or not, spices add a lot to dishes and make them taste better. One type of spice that can be hard to find in stores is allspice. In this article, we will explore what you can use in place … Read more

What Can You Use Instead of Mirin: 7 Great Substitutes

When we cook at home, we don’t always have the time or the money to run out to the store for missing ingredients. But as long as you have a little bit of imagination, you can usually improvise and come up with substitutes for those crucial kitchen staples. For example, one of the most common … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of an Offset Spatula?

What can I use instead of an offset spatula? An offset spatula is an essential tool for making baking fun and easier and making fantastic cakes in your kitchen. There are however quite a few alternatives to an offset spatula if for some reason you do not have one in your kitchen. If your offset … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of a Potato Ricer?

Let’s be honest, mashed potato is a staple in most American homes and it goes well with just about any dish It isn’t too bad for your health either. With that being said you need some efficient tools to make sure you get nice and creamy mashed potatoes that are going to please the whole … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of a Yoga Mat?

woman on yoga mat

Yoga mat substitutes. So you’ve decided to do some yoga and alas you can’t find a yoga mat can you still participate in this activity ? Or will you need to go out and buy one ? There are some alternatives in your home that you may be able to use so before you rush … Read more