Why Does a Scorpio Man Keep Coming Back to Me?

A Scorpio man is someone who is quite passionate and often takes things to the extreme. He’s a man that can be wildly in love with you one day and then quickly shut down the next. With a Scorpio guy, it’s not going to be easy to figure out what he wants from you.

So why does a Scorpio man keep coming back to me? Well, it could be because of your persistence or your ability to understand him on a deep level.

It could also be because he has too much pride to admit when he’s wrong, or maybe you’re just really good at understanding him. Whatever the case, there are some ways for you to win over a Scorpio guy.

Why does a Scorpio man keep coming back to me?

A Scorpio man is a complicated person, and he’s going to make you work for him. But it’s not all bad. Once he finds a person who can understand his needs and give him what he wants, he’ll be completely devoted to that person.

It might take some time before he finally comes around and realizes how perfect you are for him. So if you find yourself with a Scorpio guy, just keep trying your best to win them over.

While it may seem like they’re aloof or difficult to please, they’re actually just looking for someone who understands them on an emotional level and who will be there for them when they need it the most. When you show this kind of love and support for a Scorpio guy, they’ll never want to leave you.

How do I get him to stay interested in me?

If you’ve made too many mistakes but he keeps coming back, he may be growing weary and you’re perhaps only one argument from splitsville.

Remember that Scorpio men are quite passionate, so you need to be with him 100 percent. If you’re not, he may lose interest in you.

If you’re already committed but still struggling to win him over, it might be time for some insight into what turns him on. The key is taking the hint and doing what he likes.

Scorpios are very visual guys, so take a moment to think about what he sees when he looks at you. Does he like your hair? Maybe your confidence? Whatever it is, figure out how to showcase that side of yourself more often.

If Scorpio men are really into you, then they’ll make sure that they’re always around. If he’s not around enough for you, this could mean that he’s trying to distance himself from you or doesn’t feel as passionately about you anymore.

How do I win over a Scorpio guy?

Now if he keeps coming back and youve decided to try to hold on to this man, what should you do ?

First, you need to understand that Scorpios are very sensitive. They’re known for being moody and intense. If they know you’re emotionally invested in them, this will be a big turn-on.

Next, you want to provide him with space to think about what he wants from the relationship. He’s not going to open up easily so don’t expect it to happen overnight. It might take months or even years before he feels comfortable enough to let his guard down.

Finally, when all else fails, just play hard-to-get. Scorpios love to conquer things and he might see your resistance as a challenge that could turn into something amazing if he just pushes through it!


There are many reasons why a scorpio man keeps coming back to you. If youre a nice person and dont want him anymore, perhaps set him free ? Just a thought

A Scorpio man is a complicated guy to deal with. He needs a lot of attention and he loves to be loved. If you’re going to win over a Scorpio man, you need to be ready for a long-term commitment.

You have to be ready to have a relationship that is filled with passion and excitement, but also has a strong sense of stability. It will take a lot of patience and understanding to win over a Scorpio man.

But if you’re willing to put in the work, you will find yourself in a deep and fulfilling relationship filled with love, passion, and excitement.