Why are Scorpios so Complicated?

Scorpios are an enigmatic enigma to many people. They are so mysterious, so complicated and so difficult to get to know that it can leave people wondering what is even going on with them.

So why are they so hard to get to know? What makes them different than other signs? Here’s your guide for understanding the typical Scorpio better.

Why are Scorpios so complicated?

Scorpios are a passionate, emotional and sometimes secretive sign. They have a strong intuition and a strong sense of self.

They’re also one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac, with people thinking that they can’t be trusted or that there’s something going on with them that is hard to get to know.

Scorpios see themselves differently than how other people see them. In other words, they often don’t value their strengths because to them, they seem so obvious or common place.

Scorpios have a deep-rooted need for privacy and understanding from other people. Because of this, it can be difficult for Scorpios to open up and share their thoughts and feelings.

At the same time though, Scorpios crave depth and meaning in their relationships and friendships.

They want someone who will open up about themselves and share what is going on in their lives – not just skim the surface like everyone else does all day long (yep, we see you).

So if you’re looking to get close to a Scorpio, make sure you offer them depth.

A look at the typical Scorpio’s traits

Scorpios are often seen as a sign of intensity. They have a lot going on in their lives, and they’re constantly striving to make things better. Scorpios are determined and passionate about the things that they do.

They’re also known for being very secretive. Scorpios don’t like to reveal much about themselves when they first meet someone because they want them to work for it.

They want people to prove that they deserve to know more about them before revealing anything personal to them.

Scorpios are also very hardworking and ambitious individuals who always put in 110% of their effort into what they do.

They work really hard, but if they aren’t happy with their job or career, it can be really difficult for them to find success in whatever it is that they’re doing.

Scorpios can sometimes come off as being a little cold or standoffish when you first meet them because of how private they are, but after getting to know them, you’ll understand why that’s just part of who they are.

The dark side of the typical Scorpio

Scorpios are an emotional and passionate sign. They can be clingy, jealous and possessive. Scorpios typically don’t like to share – they like to keep their things all to themselves.

This can make it difficult for them to share what’s going on with them, even if they want to.

Their jealousy is one reason why Scorpios seem secretive. It can sometimes be hard for them to trust someone or let go of the person who betrayed them in the past.

Scorpios are also known as being aggressive types of people.

This doesn’t just mean that they’re always mad at someone else – it means that they have a tendency to attack verbally or lash out physically when they feel threatened or unsafe.

You may have noticed how some Scorpio’s eyes will turn red when they get angry? That’s because of the relation between this astrological sign and Mars, the planet of anger!

Oftentimes, Scorpios are very sensitive people who need time alone after spending time with others. They often prefer doing things on their own rather than with others which can make them seem selfish or inconsiderate of others’ needs.


Understanding the typical Scorpio and the traits that make them complicated.

Above all else, Scorpio is a water sign, which makes them extremely emotional. They feel things very deeply and are not afraid to show it.

While this may make them seem complicated, it also makes them extremely loyal and honest.

They are not afraid to tell you exactly what they think, whether you like it or not. This can be both a blessing and a curse depending on the situation.

They also have a very competitive nature and are never afraid to dive head first into a challenge.

While this can make them great leaders, it also means that they have a high tendency to get themselves into trouble. Overall, Scorpios are not easy to understand, but they are certainly worth the effort. Deep down, every Scorpio is a romantic at heart.

They often hide this side of themselves because they do not feel comfortable expressing their feelings to others.

However, once you get to know a Scorpio that little bit better you will soon see that they are quite soft underneath all of that tough exterior.

They are very loyal and caring creatures who will do anything for those that they love. They also tend to be quite protective of those around them and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe from harm.