Signs A Scorpio Man Is Obsessed with You: 3 Ways to Know

‍Are you the object of someone’s obsession? It’s not always a bad thing. In fact, a little bit of obsession can go a long way. But if it’s not balanced, it can also cross the line from flattering to creepy fast.

A guy who is obsessed with you is probably an indication that you’re pretty special to him, but even healthy amounts of obsession can be freaky at times.

If he does any of the things on this list, watch out for red flags that signal either his intentions are not wholesome or he has the creeping-stalker type of fixation on you. Here are some surefire signs a Scorpio man is obsessed with you…

He wants to know your every move.

In a healthy relationship, partners respect each other as individuals. But an obsessed guy will want to know everything about you—what you’re wearing, what you’re eating, who you’re talking to, what you’re watching on TV, what you’re reading, etc.—while expecting you to know very little about him.

It can be a sign of insecurity, possessiveness, or even stalking if he’s asking you to report your whereabouts every single day. Being close is one thing; being nosy is another.

Similarly, an obsessed guy might want to know about your past relationships, friends, family, and so on. It’s one thing to be curious about the people in your life and a different thing entirely to interrogate you about every last thing you do or have ever done.

He shows up at random times.

If he keeps showing up at places you happen to be your office, your favorite coffee shop, your yoga studio, etc. even when you’ve told him not to, it’s not a good sign. If he suddenly starts going to the same events you happen to be at again, even when you’ve told him not to that’s also not a good sign.

If he shows up at your place unexpectedly and you’ve told him not to come by unannounced, it’s not a good sign. It’s one thing to want to be around someone you’re interested in and a completely different thing to disregard their physical and emotional space.

He’s jealous of your current relationships.

One guy I dated had a hard time dealing with the fact that I had several good friends who were girls and that I was friends with a few of my exes.

He got jealous not only of my ex-partners, but also of my female friends. If a Scorpio guy is obsessed with you, he’ll likely get jealous of anyone you currently have a relationship with.

If he gets jealous of your friends and family, too, it’s a bad sign. If you try to talk to him about his jealousy, he might even accuse you of being overly friendly with the people in your life.

He wants to be exclusive ASAP.

If you’ve just met and he wants to be exclusive, that’s not a good sign. If you’ve been hanging out with him for a while and he still wants to be exclusive, that’s also not a good sign.

If he’s constantly pressuring you to become exclusive and you’re not sure you want to, that’s a bad sign. Being together is a choice that two people make.

Being exclusive should be decided by both people mutually, not by a guy who’s obsessed with you and wants to tie you down before he even knows you well enough to make that choice by yourself.

Final Notes and Considerations

If he exhibits any of these three signs, beware of a guy who is obsessed with you. If he’s only just getting to know you, he’s probably not a stalker, but if he’s still exhibiting these signs after hanging out with you a few times, he might be.

It’s important to be careful with people who have a hard time respecting your boundaries, but you also shouldn’t shut the door on someone who might just be a little bit too into you. He may need a gentle nudge in the right direction.