What To Use Instead of Ketchup In Meatloaf?

A lot of people don’t know that some ingredients can be swapped in recipes. A great example is ketchup. Many people use ketchup when they make a meatloaf, but it’s not the only thing you can use. Here are some things you can use instead!

Ketchup is a sweet and tangy condiment that is popularly used as a topping for hamburgers or hot dogs. It is also often used as an ingredient in meatloaf and other savory dishes. While ketchup is low in calories and fat, it contains a lot of sugar, which can have a negative impact on blood sugar levels and contribute to weight gain over time. You can use salsa, chutney, tomato sauce and other low-sugar sauces and condiments instead of ketchup in meatloaf. You could also use mustard or miso paste as an alternative.

More Things to Use In Place of Ketchup

However, if you don’t like the taste of ketchup in your meatloaf, you can use BBQ sauce, tomato paste, or salsa. But don’t limit yourself to these three options:

You could also use mustard, chili sauce, or even pickle juice.

Another option is to use Worcestershire sauce. It tastes great in meatloaf and it also adds a little more depth.

Ultimately, you can use any condiment that goes well with your meatloaf. Just make sure to adjust the other ingredients if you are swapping out ketchup for another condiment.

What to Do If You Can’t Find The Substitute

If you can’t find the ingredient you need to swap for, don’t worry! There are plenty of different alternatives you could try. Be creative and use what you have in the kitchen.

For example, if you can’t find Worcestershire sauce, you could use soy sauce. If you don’t have tomato sauce, use salsa or tomato paste.

If you can’t find pepper, use seasoned salt and if you can’t find breadcrumbs, try oats, cornflakes, or croutons.

Above all, when you’re cooking it’s important to be creative with what you have available in the kitchen. Plus, it tastes that much better when it’s made with ingredients that are fresh and homemade.

It’s easy to make a great meal with a little creativity!


So, what should you use instead of ketchup? You can use BBQ sauce, tomato paste, or even steak sauce.

Ketchup is a common ingredient in meatloaf, but it may not be the best choice. It can add unnecessary sugar and sodium to the dish, so it’s best to make your own sauce from scratch. A homemade sauce is easy to make and can be used in any recipe that calls for ketchup.

You can also use pureed tomatoes or tomato sauce as a substitute for ketchup in meatloaf. Or, you can use a combination of both!

To create your own sauce from scratch, simply combine a handful of chopped tomatoes with onion and garlic.

Season with salt and pepper, and you have yourself a tasty alternative to ketchup! While ketchup is delicious on a burger or fries, there are healthier alternatives that can be used in meatloaf recipes instead.