What Does a Scorpio Man Do When He’s Jealous?‍

Let’s face it — jealousy is never a fun feeling. It’s an uncomfortable pang of insecurity that hits you when you see someone else getting the attention or affection that you maybe wish you were getting instead.

However, there are no universal rules for how every guy will react to being jealous. Some guys will react with anger and shut their partner out, while others may respond by overcompensating and trying to win their partner back with gifts and attention.

A third may be passive-aggressive, while another guy may give up and end the relationship. How your Scorpio man reacts when he’s jealous might depend on his personality and the dynamic of your relationship.

There are so many different ways a Scorpio man might respond if he ever feels threatened by another man in his life, so we’ve outlined some common responses as well as what actions you should take if he ever behaves in these ways around you…

He Will Be Protective of You

One hallmark of a healthy relationship is a sense of security and protection for both partners. When one person feels like they need to protect the other, it’s a sign of a very deep bond.

If your Scorpio man feels jealous, you’ll likely feel that protective side of him come out. When another man pays you a compliment, your Scorpio might tell you that you’re too good for him or that you deserve better.

He may be overly protective of you and try to usher you away from any situation that makes you uncomfortable.

If you’re out on a date with another man and he sees you getting uncomfortable, he may snap and protectively tell the guy to back off. This can be a good thing — it shows that he’s willing to put himself in between you and a potential threat.

He May Try to Monitor Your Behavior

Scorpios are known for being incredibly jealous, but monitor doesn’t have to be a negative word. When your Scorpio man sees or imagines you with another man, he might try to monitor your behavior to make sure you stay faithful.

Depending on the stage of your relationship, he might start to ask questions about your dating history. He might want to know where you met your exes, how long each relationship lasted, and what went wrong. He might also want to make sure that you aren’t seeing anyone casually behind his back.

You may feel like you’re under interrogation at times, but his behavior isn’t malicious — he’s just trying to keep tabs on you and make sure you’re not being unfaithful.

He Might Show Jealousy Through Anger

Sometimes jealousy isn’t as much about possessiveness as it is about insecurity. Your Scorpio man may be afraid that you’re going to leave him, so any attention you pay to another man might make him snap and lash out.

A jealous Scorpio may get angry at you if he sees you with another man. He may tell you that you need to end the friendship or that you don’t need certain people in your life.

He May Try to Intimidate a Potential Rival

If you have a lot of male friends, your Scorpio man may try to scare them away. He may do this by making himself seem bigger, stronger, and more intimidating than he actually is. He may also brag about his job and accomplishments to make himself seem more important.

Your Scorpio man may also try to make you feel smaller if he senses that you’re getting closer to another man. He may call you names, tell you that you look or dress badly, or insult your intelligence.

How to Deal With a Scorpio Man Who’s Jealous

If your Scorpio man has ever behaved negatively when he’s jealous, you should try to understand where he’s coming from. You don’t want to condone his behavior, but you can let him know that you don’t want him to lash out.

You can let him know that you appreciate his need to be protective and that you don’t want to hurt his feelings. You can also let him know that you don’t appreciate him trying to intimidate your friends or making you feel bad about yourself.

Be patient with him and let him know that you want a healthy, positive relationship. A jealous Scorpio man can really benefit from your love and support. Over time, he will learn to be less jealous and more self-assured.


All in all, jealous Scorpio men are incredibly passionate and protective just like the sign itself is! If you find yourself dating or in a relationship with a Scorpio man, remember that jealousy is a normal and healthy emotion.

The key is to not take it personally and to try to diffuse the jealousy with love and understanding.

If you ever find yourself dating a Scorpio man, know that you’re in for a wild ride. You just have to make sure you’re prepared for it!