How Does An Aquarius Man Act When Jealous?‍

Aquarius men are very complex, and they have a tendency to be jealous from time to time. This doesn’t make them awful partners it just makes them human. Everyone experiences jealousy in their relationship from time to time, regardless of zodiac sign.

However, the way that each partner deals with their jealously can cause friction between partners and lead to trust issues down the road. Read on for more information on how an Aquarius man acts when jealous!

How Does An Aquarius Man Act When Jealous?

When an Aquarius man becomes jealous, he usually doesn’t show it. He’ll put on a calm, cool, and collected front and act like nothing’s wrong.

However, if you push him, he may explode in a fit of rage. Aquarius men are good at hiding their jealous tendencies, but it can be helpful for you to know the signs that your Aquarius man is jealous.

Here are a few things that may indicate he’s feeling jealous. – He ignores you – When an Aquarius man is jealous, he may begin to ignore you.

He may begin to pull away from you, or he may stay away from you all together. He may also begin to act irritable, moody, and snappy towards you.

If you notice that your Aquarius man is ignoring you, it’s a good idea to ask him what’s going on. Let him know that you notice he’s upset, and see if he’ll open up to you.

He is overly critical towards you – An Aquarius man who is feeling jealous may begin to nitpick at all of the things you do that he doesn’t like. Do you have bad breath? You probably have bad breath.

Are your table manners less than perfect? You definitely have bad table manners. Is your hair a little messy? You’d look so much prettier if you put it up. If you’re feeling like your Aquarius man is overly critical towards you, it may be because he’s feeling jealous.

What triggers an Aquarius man’s jealousy?

Generally, Aquarius men become jealous when they feel that their partner is becoming more popular or special than they are.

If you and your partner are out and you get more attention than your Aquarius man, he may feel jealous.

If you have a special skill that your Aquarius man doesn’t have, he may become jealous. If you have an amazing ability that your Aquarius man wishes he had, he may become jealous.

Basically, any time that you become more important or special than your Aquarius man, he may become jealous. Aquarius men also become jealous when their partner is flirting with someone or someone else is showing their partner attention.

If you’re at a party and you’re flirting with someone else, or if someone you know is flirting with you and your Aquarius man notices, he may become jealous.

Ways to deal with an Aquarius man’s jealousy

– Talk to him about it – An Aquarius man who is feeling jealous may not want to talk about it, so you may have to be the one to bring it up.

When you two are alone, look him in the eye, smile, and explain to him that you notice he’s been a little distant. Ask him if something is bothering him and see what he has to say.

He may open up to you, or he may not, but at least you tried.

Ignore him – If your Aquarius man’s jealousy is absolutely ridiculous and you’re tired of having the same conversation with him over and over again, you may want to ignore his jealous tendencies for a while.

After he calms down, you can bring things up again, but if he’s overreacting, sometimes ignoring his jealousy is the best thing you can do.

Bottom Line

Jealousy is something that can potentially cause a lot of tension and drama in a relationship. If your Aquarius man happens to be jealous, there are a few things that he can do to address the issue. First, he should try to understand why he is feeling jealous.

This will help him to better understand his emotions and know how to cope with them. Second, he can try to reassure his partner that he is not jealous of her, but of himself. He can tell her that he loves her and that she deserves nothing less than the best.

Finally, he can try to avoid situations where he might feel insecure about his partner’s attention or affection. By doing this, he will be able to avoid triggering jealousy in himself and focus on what he truly values in his relationship.