What Does a Sagittarius Man Do When He’s Jealous‍

When it comes to relationships, Sagittarius men can sometimes be a little bit jealous.

They certainly won’t show that side of themselves all the time, but when they do get jealous, it’s not something that they try to hide. In fact, they quite openly express the feeling and do what they can in order to deal with it.

They don’t let jealousy control them like so many other signs might; instead, they tackle it head on with confidence.

They are also wise enough to know that being jealous is not something that you should constantly feel about your partner and does his best to control those feelings when he needs to.

There are several ways for how a Sagittarius man deals with jealousy in a relationship and we’re going to look at some of them here so that you know where you stand if you are dealing with a Sagittarius man as your partner.

He’ll Communicate With You

If you’re dealing with a Sagittarius man who is jealous, one of the first things that he’ll do is talk to you about it. He’ll be open and honest about the feelings that he’s having and let you know where he is at.

This is the best place to start if you’re dealing with a jealous Sagittarius man; make sure that you are open with him and let him know where you stand.

Communication is key in any relationship, but it is especially so when you are dealing with a Sagittarius man who may be feeling jealous.

If you deal with it when it happens, you can move past it and get back to enjoying your relationship. If you don’t communicate with him, things can escalate and become a lot more serious very quickly.

He’ll Be Firm About His Boundaries

Just because he’s open about his jealous feelings doesn’t mean that he’s willing to let them run wild.

Sagittarius men will, more often than not, be firm about the boundaries that they have set up in the relationship and the ground rules that they have created.

If there is something that he really doesn’t want you to do, then there is a good chance that he will let you know that.

Letting you know his boundaries and what things he doesn’t feel comfortable with is also another part of communication, and it will help you to understand where he is at so that you can avoid triggering those jealous feelings in him.

Jealousy isn’t something that can be avoided completely, but it can be controlled to a certain extent so that it doesn’t ruin your relationship.

Sagittarius men are generally very confident in themselves and know what they want, which makes it easier for them to control their jealous feelings.

He May Ask For Clarification

Jealousy can come from a lot of different areas, so when your Sagittarius man is feeling jealous, he may want to know where exactly it is coming from.

It could be that he is jealous of the time that you spend with your friends, or it could be that he is jealous of the attention that you get from other men when you are out and about.

Sagittarius men are generally very good at giving you enough space to do what you need to do, but when you’re in a relationship, you may be dealing with a jealous Sagittarius man now and again.

Let him know where his feelings are coming from and do your best to help him to understand what they are and why they are there. You don’t need to justify yourself to him, but he may want to know why he is feeling the way that he is.

He May Try to Find Out More About What Caused His Jealousy

Let’s say that your Sagittarius man was jealous because he thought that you were spending too much time with your friends. After you explain that to him and he has calmed down, he may want to find out more about why he has been feeling so jealous of your friends.

Sagittarius men are generally very intelligent and curious individuals, which means that they may want to research why he was feeling jealous and find out how he can avoid those feelings in the future.

If he does this, try to be as helpful as you can be so that you can ease his mind and get the relationship back to where it should be.

Bottom Line

Like any other sign, a Sagittarius man has certain personality traits that make him more likely to be jealous. One of these is his confidence.

He tends to be very in-tune with his own feelings and emotions, which can lead him to sometimes overreact or behave impulsively when he feels threatened or insecure in his relationship.

Another is his tendency toward possessiveness. A Sagittarius man will often become jealous if he feels that someone is encroaching on his territory or trying to steal something away from him – especially if they are someone with whom he has a close emotional bond.