UK vs Australia: A Comparison of Fish and Chips.

We all like to think that our country, city, or even neighborhood is the best in the world. But when it comes to fish and chips, which country reigns supreme?

That’s what we’re here to find out! We love fish and chips in both countries. This quintessential dish can be found everywhere in Britain, including in pubs or outside supermarkets.

Australians, on the other hand, are more likely to serve their fish and chips with tomato sauce or tartare sauce rather than malt vinegar.

So let’s get down to brass tacks(haha). What are the differences between these two national dishes? And who will come out on top? Read on for an interesting comparison of British fish and chips versus Australian fish and chip shops.

The primary difference between UK style fish and chips and Australian fish and chips will be the type of fish used. In the UK Cod is very common whereas in Australia ‘Butterfish’ is used which is a name for a variety of white flakey fish meats such as Mulloway. Brits may commonly season with salt whereas Aussies use salt or Chicken salt.

British Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are one of the most popular meals in Britain. You can find them served at pubs or outside supermarkets, so it’s not hard to get your fix. British fish and chips are paired with malt vinegar for dipping, whereas Australians prefer their fish with tomato sauce.

Additionally, many Brits will enjoy their fish with mushy peas, which is a dish made from boiled yellow peas blended with butter or cream.

Fish and chips served and ready to eat

Australian Fish and Chips

Aussie fish and chips are a variation of the UK one. Australian fish and chips are ceruminous with summer and the beach. Many families enjoy the treat on the beach during daylight savings time in summer.

Butter fish is the most common variety of fish used in Aussie fish and chips. Butter fish is a delicious white flesh and usually comes from a saltwater “Mulloway”

Even though the origins are disputed, Australians are still very proud of their national dish. When you visit an Australian fish-and-chip shop, you can expect to find fish served with tomato sauce or tartare sauce rather than malt vinegar. Australians also enjoy using “chicken salt” as a seasoning.


Both countries enjoy their fish and chips with tartar sauce, but the Australians also like to add tomato sauce or tartare to their dish.

The British eat their fish and chips out of newspaper wrapper, whereas Australians enjoy eating theirs in a newspaper cone. (True but out dated)

One other major difference is that the British have vinegar to go with their chips. All in all, both countries have their own unique way of eating this famous dish and both are great!