Turkey vs Chicken taste?

Which One is Tastier: Turkey or Chicken?

The big question this holiday season is which one tastes tastier: turkey or chicken. But, with so many different ways to cook each type of meat, how can you be sure? We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of popular dishes that are perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner. From turkey to chicken, here are the recipes that will make your taste buds sing with joy.

The Best Tasting Turkey Dish

Turkey is a popular dish for Thanksgiving, but it can be tricky. There are many ways to cook turkey, which results in different textures and tastes. One way to make your turkey taste even better is by adding an ingredient called “giblets”. Giblets are the heart, liver, gizzard, and neck of the bird.

They are usually removed before cooking to reduce their high fat content. But if you want a truly delicious dish this Thanksgiving season, try adding them back into the mix with some homemade gravy. This adds another layer of flavor without bringing out any of the fatty aspects that normally come with cooking giblets.

Another popular dish this time of year is stuffing. Stuffing is most commonly made from bread crumbs soaked in butter or oil or bacon fat mixed with dried fruit and onions with salt and pepper added for flavoring. To give it an extra punch of flavor, try adding butter-flavored crackers to enhance the crunch factor!

Since most people have two side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner– mashed potatoes being one of them–we thought we’d include our favorite mashed potato recipes as well. One simple way to spice up your mashed potatoes would be to add ranch dressing mixture into your white potatoes before mashing them for best results!

The Best Tasting Chicken

It’s time to find out which type of meat is tastier: chicken or turkey. The dish that you prepare the meat in can make all the difference in whether it tastes good or not, but there are some general rules for cooking poultry that apply to both turkey and chicken. First, when it comes to poultry, always wash your hands thoroughly before handling raw meat. Second, when preparing the meat for cooking, make sure you trim off any excess fat or skin.

This will ensure that your dish doesn’t come out too greasy. Third, when browning the meat in a pan, make sure you use a non-stick pan so that the mess stays contained. Fourth, while cooking your choice of meat at high temperature does seal in flavor and moisture, it also increases the risk of food-borne illnesses because it creates more surface bacteria on the food. So if you’re opting for turkey or chicken this Thanksgiving season, try to avoid high temperatures by cooking them at around 325 degrees instead of higher.


The best tasting turkey or chicken is a personal preference. For some people, a more traditional turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy may be the best option. For others, a seasoned, moist and juicy chicken breast may be a better option. Either way, the best tasting turkey or chicken for you will depend on your personal preference.