The 5 Best Vegetarian Alternatives to Roast Pork.

The big question is: What do vegetarians eat when it’s a traditional family gathering? To a lot of people, the answer might be “nothing.” But in reality, there are many tasty dishes for vegetarians to enjoy at any meal.

One such dish is roast pork, which is also popular in many cultures around the world. But what if you don’t want to eat meat? Here are five great vegetarian substitutes for roast pork that will keep your meal tasting just as good as everyone else’s!

The 5 Best Vegetarian Alternatives to Roast Pork

Roast pork is a classic dish that many people love. But what about vegetarians and vegans? And how can they enjoy this dish without meat? Well, there are five great alternatives to roast pork for vegetarians and vegans.

1) Tempeh: Tempeh is a soy product that’s very similar to tofu, but it has a grainier texture and earthier flavor than tofu does. It’s typically marinated in spices and sauces before roasting or frying, so it can be cooked just like meat would be.

2) Quorn: Quorn is a brand name for mycoprotein, which is processed from fungus grown in vats of liquid. The mycoprotein can be shaped and flavored like various types of meats and is usually fried or roasted with other vegetables to make it taste like the original.

3) Gardein: Gardein is another type of vegan protein that’s often made from soy or wheat gluten. The company offers numerous products such as chicken breasts, beefless burgers, fishless filets, and more! They’re all designed to look like meat but are made out of plant-based ingredients instead of animal products with no cholesterol or antibiotics added.

4) Tofu: Tofu isn’t really an alternative for roast pork; however, if you’re looking for vegetarian recipes to use up your leftover tofu cubes after cooking them in the oven–why not try making a vegetarian version of roast pork?

here some other alternatives for roast pork – Captain obvious, I know

1. Vegetarian Roast

2. Vegetarian Sausage

3. Vegetarian Bone Broth

4. Vegetarian Ham

5. Vegetarian Bacon