Spatulas vs. Slotted Turners: What’s the Difference?

When you’re cooking, the kitchen utensil you use can make all the difference. Whether you are flipping an omelet or flipping through a cookbook, it is important to have the right tool for the job. With that said, it can be difficult to keep up with all of these different kitchen gadgets!

Luckily, there are two very similar gadgets that are easy to tell apart: spatulas and slotted turners. Here’s what sets them apart so you don’t get lost in the sauce.

What is a spatula ?

A spatula is a kitchen utensil with a wide and flat surface that can be used for flipping and mixing. They are most commonly made of metal, but they can be made of rubber too. Spatulas are mainly used to push food from one container or pan to another, which makes them great for the busy cook.

When it comes to stirring, they’re not as efficient because there’s not much space between the edge and the side of the pot. Plus, they don’t have a good grip on pots and pans while stirring.

What is a slotted turner?

A slotted turner is a kitchen utensil with slots for food to slide out. They are generally long and thin, usually about 8 inches. A slotted turner is used to flip eggs, burgers, pancakes, etc. The holes allow the food to easily release once it’s flipped. Slotted turners come in various materials including metal, nylon, silicone, and even teflon-coated aluminum.

Difference between turners and spatulas

Spatulas are designed to be used with metal, plastic, or silicone utensils. They are great for cooking eggs and fish because they can glide under the food without damaging it. Slotted turners often have holes in them which make them perfect for getting the juices out of your cooked meat.

Slotted turners also work well with fried foods like french fries and onion rings because they can get underneath the food while flipping it without sticking. Spatulas are great for cooking pancakes while slotted turners are excellent for flipping eggs while making omelets.

When to use each utensil for best results

The most important thing about these two utensils is they are not interchangeable. Spatulas are great for flipping everything from pancakes to steaks. They have a thin, wide blade that easily slides under the food and flips it.

Slotted turners, on the other hand, are better for using when you need to get a grip on food that has more structure or sticking power. When you’re cooking a stir-fry or handling something like a hot dog, slotted turners with serrated edges work best to help grab onto the food and prevent it from slipping off.


A spatula is used for cooking pancake batter, cake batter, and frosting. A spatula is also used to flip hamburgers, steak, and pancakes. A slotted turner is used for cooking foods that are more delicate like eggs, fish, or vegetables. A slotted turner can also be used to toss food like pasta or to get the last bit of oatmeal out of the pot.

Both of these utensils are designed to get food out of hot pans. The difference is that a spatula is for more delicate foods while a slotted turner is for cooking thicker foods.