Why Do Scorpios Like Pisces So Much?

We all have a type of person we’re drawn to. For some, it’s a certain religion or profession. For others, it might be a characteristic that they find attractive. What is your type? We all have a favorite personality trait that we find irresistible in a partner.

That’s just human nature! But there are some star signs who seem to be drawn to each other more so than others.

Is there something about scorpios and pisces that make them perfect for one another? Find out what makes these two water signs so compatible!

Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

Pisces and Scorpios are both water signs. Pisces is a mutable sign, while Scorpios falls under the fixed category. When it comes to compatibility, these two signs work well together. They’re both emotional and sensitive, but in different ways.

Pisces is more gentle and sensitive when it comes to emotions. They’re much more likely to comfort someone when they’re feeling down.

They have a natural empathy for others which makes them a wonderful listener and friend. Pisces’ sensitivity also means that they can sometimes find themselves being a little too trusting in relationships with people who will take advantage of their kindness.

Scorpio on the other hand is not as gentle or sympathetic in relationships. They have a tendency to be jealous and possessive of their partner for this reason—and because they want to be in control of the relationship at all times.

This might cause problems if the Pisces isn’t willing or able to give up their power in the relationship, which could end badly for these two water signs!

Pisces and Scorpio Relationship

These two zodiac signs have many things in common: they’re both intuitive and secretive and they both prefer to be alone and introverted.

They can also sense true feelings from one another without words. What’s really special about their relationship is that they each provide what the other is lacking: Pisces provides stability for Scorpios intense personality, while Scorpios helps Pisces with their secretive nature.

The best thing about these two signs is that they’re completely different yet still complementary partners. They don’t try to change each other or compete for control of any situation. Pisces never feels pressured by Scorpios intense personality and Scorpios is happy with Pisces not trying to take over all the time.

For these two signs, it’s not about who has more power; it’s about providing the right amount of support for each other through their differences – which means no one feels like they’re being taken advantage of or used!


Signs of the zodiac can be hard to read, but it’s not hard to see that Pisces and Scorpios are a perfect match. Pisces and Scorpios share many things in common, including a love for adventure and a desire for connection and intimacy in their relationships.

These two signs also share a great sense of humor and a deep understanding for one another when it’s time to be serious.

With all these things in common, it’s not surprising that these two signs are often attracted to one another. When they find each other, Pisces and Scorpios make one another feel right at home in the relationship.