Which Signs Do Libras Attract: Libras’ Love Compatibility Guide.

Libras are the kind of people who always seem to attract more than their fair share of attention. Whether it’s from friends, family, or romantic interests, Libras seem to be an endless source of fascination for those around them.

But what does this mean for love compatibility? While we may not be able to predict how others will feel about us, we can give you a couple of insights into what signs Libras tend to attract and which signs they’re most compatible with.

Libras’ Love Compatibility Guide

We know Libras are a bit of a free spirit. They don’t like to be tied down and prefer to keep their options open. But, when it comes to love, they’re surprisingly traditional. They need someone who makes them feel safe and secure and that’s willing to take on the responsibility of being their emotional anchor.

This compatibility guide is designed specifically for Libras:

Aries: These fiery signs will often inspire Libras with their enthusiasm and energy. Aries can provide Libras the excitement they crave, but there needs to be some level of predictability to keep them happy.

Taurus: Tauruses are ruled by Venus, which means they’re all about feelings and connection. They easily find themselves swept up in Libras’ charm and imagination. But as much as Tauruses enjoy these two qualities about Libras, they also need stability and consistency to feel fulfilled in a relationship.

Gemini: Geminis live for adventure – this includes both their personal life and their romantic relationships! This could be a good match for Libras because Geminis share the same need to explore different opportunities without feeling restriction or obligation.

Which Signs Do Libras Attract?

Libras are known for being a little too friendly when they first meet someone. They’re intensely curious and often end up giving their entire life story in a matter of minutes. This can lead to a lot of confusion for potential partners who feel like they barely know anything about Libras.

The truth is that Libras don’t typically mean to come across as pushy or overeager. They simply have the habit of trusting their gut, which usually leads them on an adventure with someone new.

While this tendency might seem off-putting to some, it’s not rare for Libras to find themselves attracted to those who are on the same wavelength as them—those who are equally enthusiastic about new people and experiences.

So if you’re looking for someone who is easy-going, adventurous, and spontaneous—someone who won’t judge you for talking too much—a Libra could be your perfect match!

Overall Compatibility Score

The overall compatibility score for Libras is that they are most compatible with Virgos. Though they might not always be an obvious match, Libras and Virgos tend to share the same values, which makes them a natural fit.

Both signs are attracted to strong intellects, but Virgos are more sensitive than Libras. This is because Virgos enjoy spending time alone and analyzing their thoughts whereas Libras prefer to surround themselves with others.

This means that while some of the traditional strengths of each sign will be lessened by this pairing, some of their weaknesses will be made better.

Libras appreciate that Virgos value self-reflection and personal space. And while Virgos may find it difficult to be surrounded by so many people all the time, they can appreciate Libras’ need for social interaction on occasion.

After all, it’s no secret that these two signs have one of the best compatibility scores out there!


Libras are a sign of the zodiac that attracts the following signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, and Virgo. Libras have a high compatibility score with these signs.

You may have a high compatibility score with a sign that is not a Libra, but you need to understand how the different zodiac signs work. For example, if you are a Libra and you have a high compatibility score with Taurus, these two signs may not work well together because Taurus is a sign of the zodiac that attracts Libras.

You still want to make time to get to know any sign you have a low compatibility score with because you can never know what the future holds. It would be a shame to miss out on that person who is more compatible with you.