Why Are Aquarius Always Single? An Astrological Reason?

‍Aquarius is an independent, free-thinking sign. That doesn’t make them any less prone to loneliness or a broken heart, but it does make them more willing to walk away from a bad relationship than wallow in one.

We’re not just talking about dating here; Aquarius find themselves single for extended periods of time for all the reasons that anyone else would: work, friends and family obligations leave them with little time for dating. But why does this happen more often for Aquarius?

What is it about their personality that makes it so difficult to find love? Let’s take a deeper look at why Aquarius are always single and how you can remedy this if you are also born under this sign.

The Lonely Aquarius

Aquarius is a somewhat reclusive sign. That doesn’t mean that they cannot form close bonds; far from it, but they don’t settle into relationships as easily as some of the other zodiac signs. Aquarius have a need to explore, to try new things and to remain independent.

A long-term relationship may provide plenty of love, but it won’t offer enough freedom for Aquarius. This doesn’t mean that Aquarius don’t want love or want to be with someone. It means that they want to be with someone who respects their need for independence. This can be a difficult thing to find and is the main reason that Aquarius are often alone.

Lack of Trust and Independence

Aquarius are independent thinkers who always follow their own path. This is often because they don’t trust anyone else to make their own decisions.

This is especially visible in their romantic relationships. Aquarius, on the whole, tend to be very distrusting of others when it comes to matters of the heart. This level of distrust is usually linked back to Aquarius’s childhood. If they had a bad experience with a close friend or relative as children, then it is likely that they will have trouble opening up to others as adults.

The opposite can also happen. If Aquarius’s parents or other close family members were overbearing, then they may have formed a distrust of their own freedom and desire to think for themselves.

Why Aquarius is Single By Choice

Aquarius is single by choice. It isn’t that they are incapable of forming romantic relationships; it’s that they don’t want to form them. Aquarius knows that they are a difficult sign to get along with; they are aware of their own faults and they know how to work around them.

As long as they can find someone who is willing to work around their quirks and faults, they are fine with dating. If they can’t find someone who understands them and their need for independence, they are perfectly content to remain single.

If you are single and an Aquarius, don’t fret. It isn’t that you can’t find love; it’s that you don’t want to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

A Final Thought

No matter whether you are an Aquarius who is single or in a relationship, the best advice we can give you is to be patient.

If you are single, don’t worry about how long it has been since you last dated. If you are in a relationship, don’t worry about when it will end.

Love and relationships bloom at their own rate, and there is no reason to force them along. Keep an open mind, protect your freedom and don’t be afraid to let love take its time.

It will come along when it is ready, and it will be worth the wait.