What To Do When A Pisces Man Cries‍

Pisces men are sensitive and caring. They’ll do anything to help someone they love but they struggle with their own emotions instead of running away from them.

When a Pisces man cries it means something is breaking his heart. Instead of backing away, you should run towards him. He needs you more than ever at this moment, so don’t hesitate and check these tips out!

What To Do When A Pisces Man Cries

First, remember that every man cries differently. Many may try to suppress their emotions, whereas others may cry easily.

When a Pisces man cries, he needs your support, encouragement, and love more than ever. Before you try any of these tips, make sure that he feels safe and secure. If he has somewhere quiet and private to go, take him there first.

Comfort Him

When a Pisces man cries, he’s looking for someone to hold him. He’s seeking your support in his time of need. You need to show him that you’re there for him without delay.

If you react in the wrong way, you may cause more damage than good. A Pisces man cries when he feels everything is spinning out of control.

He’s overwhelmed and wants someone to take control so he feels safe again. Remember that he needs to cry and let out the emotions that are weighing him down.

You need to be there for him in this moment. Embrace him, stroke his hair, and let him know that everything is going to be okay.

Don’t Judge Or Shame Him

No matter what triggers the Pisces man to cry, he’s already feeling shame and guilt. He may feel that he’s a failure and needs to be punished for his actions.

You need to let him know that you understand him and that you don’t blame him for his actions. Whatever situation he’s in, you need to assure him that everything will be okay.

You can’t judge him because you don’t know everything that is going on. You can’t shame him because you’ll only add to his shame. Let him know that he’s safe with you and that you’ll help him through the situation.

Sit With Him And Listen

While you’re comforting the Pisces man, he may need to express his feelings. Let him know that you’re there and that he can talk if he wants to.

If you have a friend who is in this situation, sit with them and listen. Let them know you’re there for them and that you love them unconditionally.

Let them know that you’re not going anywhere and that you’ll keep their secret. Let them cry if they need to even if it’s for an hour.

Remember that you’re not alone. A Pisces man may need to talk for hours before he feels better.

Try To Find Out Why He Is Crying

If you’re close enough to the Pisces man, he may open up to you and tell you why he’s crying. If he doesn’t, you may have to coax his emotions out of him.

You can try holding his hand, give him a massage, or try to hug him. If he pushes you away or refuses your attempts to comfort him, he’s either not ready to be touched or he may not feel worthy of your love.

If he doesn’t tell you what’s wrong, try to find out. Ask him questions and see if he’ll open up to you. Be careful what you say though. Keep your questions light and don’t accuse him of doing anything wrong.

Help Him Find A Way To Express His Feelings

If the Pisces man is crying because he’s lost someone close to him, he needs to grieve. He needs to let go of his emotions and find a way to say goodbye.

If he’s crying because he feels guilty or ashamed, he needs to learn to forgive himself. The best way for him to do that is to find a way to express his feelings and let them go. If he has someone close to him who he can talk to, that’s ideal.

If not, try to find a way for him to express his feelings. If he loves to paint, let him paint the emotions that he’s feeling. If he loves to write, let him write down his deepest emotions. If he loves to sing, let him sing his sorrow away.

Bottom Line

A Pisces man will cry when he’s struggling with an intense emotion. He’ll need your love and support during this time and he’ll appreciate your help.

You can’t make his emotions go away but you can be there for him. Remember that everyone deals with emotions differently, so you may need to try a few different things before you find the solution.

When a Pisces man cries, he needs you in his life more than ever before. Be there for him and let him know he’s not alone.