What Sauce Goes With Lobster Ravioli?

What Sauce to Pair With Lobster Ravioli?

Lobster ravioli is one of the most popular pasta dishes in the United States. Lobster ravioli is considered an Italian dish that is typically made with lobster tail, stuffed into a ravioli and served with a sauce. You can pair your favorite sauce with lobster ravioli to create a unique and flavorful dinner. Here are some great suggestions on what sauces to pair with lobster ravioli.

  • Butter and Sage Sauce
  • Brown Butter Sauce
  • Baked Clam Sauce
  • Shrimp and Scallop Sauce
  • Hollandaise Sauce
  • Worcestershire Mushroom Sauce

Butter and Sage Sauce

Butter and sage sauce is a great choice to bring lobster ravioli to the next level. This classic pairing of butter and sage pairs beautifully with lobster ravioli. It is a great flavor choice for any pasta dish, especially one that has a seafood-based sauce.

Brown Butter Sauce

Brown butter sauce is an easy sauce to make and a great choice for any pasta dish. Brown butter is a great seasoning for seafood, such as in a shrimp and brown butter sauce. Brown butter is made by heating butter and then slowly adding flour. Brown butter is a great choice when you want a delicious seafood flavor, but don’t want to use fish.

Baked Clam Sauce

Clam sauce is a favorite choice when it comes to what to pair with lobster ravioli. This signature sauce is made by cooking clams in their own juices. For a baked version of clam sauce, you can simply add a bit of butter and herbs to enhance the flavor of the buttery sauce.

Shrimp and Scallop Sauce

For a shrimp and scallop sauce, you can use either lemon or a spicy tomato sauce. Either sauce is great for lobster ravioli, but pair it with tomato sauce if you want to bring some extra heat to the meal. Shrimp and scallops are a great protein choice for a seafood-based meal such as lobster ravioli.

Seafood fettuccine

Seafood fettuccine is a great choice for what to pair with lobster ravioli. This pasta is made from a variety of seafood, including shrimp, scallops, calamari and mussels. This seafood pasta taste great and is a great choice for any seafood lover.

Shrimp and Chorizo Gremolata

If you love seafood and want to add some extra heat, try a shrimp and chorizo sauce. This sauce uses ground chorizo and cooks shrimp in the chorizo fat. You can use olive oil or butter to make a gremolata, a spring herb that is typically used on other Italian dishes such as pizza.

Worcestershire Mushroom Sauce

Worcestershire mushroom sauce is another great choice for what to pair with lobster ravioli. Worcestershire sauce is a great ingredient to add extra flavor to your seafood based pasta dish.

Hollandaise Sauce

For a delicious lobster ravioli, try a lobster ravioli with a lobster and Hollandaise sauce. This sauce uses clarified butter to make a Hollandaise sauce. This sauce is great for lobster ravioli because it has a rich and buttery flavor that pairs well with seafood.


Lobster ravioli is a delicious pasta dish that is great for any seafood lover. You can pair your favorite seafood pasta with a variety of delicious sauces to create a meal that is unlike any other.

If you want to make the most of your lobster ravioli, make sure you pair it with the right sauce. Keep these ideas in mind to create a delicious and memorable dinner.