What Pizza Topping Goes with Jalapeños?

The Science of Pizza: What Topping Goes with Jalapeños?

But what about Jalapeños? the spicy pizza lover cries ! If youre after a spicy treat on your next pizza and wondering what would go well with it, youre in the right place. So, what topping goes with jalapeños? You’ll find out below.


An extremely popular topping for pizza, cheese goes well with practically everything. It’s mild and tastes great with almost anything. The key is to choose a type of cheese that complements the other toppings on the pizza.

For example, if you choose a pepperoni pizza, you would go wrong if you chose pepperoni with a mozzarella base. Likewise, if you choose a ham pizza, you’d go wrong if you chose salami.


Pepperoni is a type of meat that’s most often used as the topping for a pepperoni pizza. It’s a great meat for pizza because it pairs well with other ingredients, like garlic, olive oil, and red onions.

The key to making pepperoni pizza is to slice it thinly so that it doesn’t overpower the other toppings. The combination of pepperoni and jalapenos just works!


A meaty and delicious topping often used on a ham pizza, ham is a perfect choice for a pepperoni pizza. It goes well with pepperoni because it’s a type of meat.

The key to making ham pizza is to choose a good quality ham. If you have the option, purchase ham that’s fully cooked. If you don’t, make sure that you cook the ham until it’s brown and crispy.


An Italian classic, anchovies go well with almost everything on a pizza. They’re mild and salty, so they provide a good balance to the other toppings. You can use either black or green olives for this topping. Note that green olives are saltier than black olives. They both pair well with pepperoni.


Bacon goes very well with jalapenos.


Sausage is a great meat for pizza, as it complements a lot of other ingredients. You can either use a spicy sausage or a sweet one. You can also choose to use ground beef, which is a very common topping for pizzas in the United States.


A common topping on almost any type of pizza, onions go well with almost anything. They have a slight sweet taste and go well with almost any type of cheese. The key to making pizza with onions is to make sure that you fully cook them first, as they can become soggy if you’re not careful.


A mushroom is a great addition to almost any pizza, as it goes well with almost everything. A mushroom goes well with a variety of toppings, like ham, salami, anchovies, onions and black olive. The key to making a mushroom pizza is to fully cook the mushrooms first so that they don’t become soggy.

Black Olives

Another classic Italian topping, black olives go well with a variety of other ingredients, like meat, mushrooms, onions and green peppers. They’re salty, so they offset the other ingredients on the pizza. The key to making black olive pizza is to fully cook the olives first before adding them to the pizza, as they can be saucy.

Red Onions

Also known as Spanish onions, red onions go well with most types of pizza. They’re mild and sweet, so they provide a nice flavor to the other ingredients on the pizza. Red onions dont need to be fully cooked like white or brown onions. Red onions for the win!


A meaty pizza is always a good choice for a meat lover. Choosing between meats is up to you, but you can use ground beef, chicken, pork or veal for a pizza with meat. If you’re not a fan of meat, you can also choose other toppings, like mushrooms and black olives.

If forced to pick a winner Id go for Pepperoni. Pepperoni and jalapeños are spicy, and just go well together.