What Meat Goes With Greek Salad?

Greek salads are typically a combination of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onion, and feta cheese. These all come together to offer a refreshing and light summer meal.

While all these flavors sound perfect on their own, they can be an unlikely combination. The trick to making the perfect Greek salad is to balance all these flavors by using the right amount of each.

Meat and Greek salads do not usually go together. The reason is that the strong salty flavor of the feta cheese clashes with the strong flavor of the meat. That being said, not all Greek salad recipes exclude meat.

In fact, some of them, like the traditional Greek salad, add additional flavors in the form of olives, onions, and lettuce. Moreover, some recipes, like the Greek Salad recipe, also add cucumber for a refreshing finish. Here’s everything you need to know about how to incorporate meat into Greek salads.

  • Good meats to pair with greek salad
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Seaood

What Goes With Greek Salad?

Whether you’re serving a Greek salad as a main course or a side dish, there are a few things you can do to make it taste even better. Obviously, the fresher the ingredients, the better it tastes. Also, make sure to wash the lettuce and tomatoes well before using them in the salad.

Besides, you can add flavorful ingredients to inject more flavor into the Greek salad. For example, you can add cooked chicken or boiled shrimp to add protein and make the salad more substantial. You can also add crumbled cheese or hard boiled eggs to add more flavors and make the Greek salad more delicious.

Tuna, Salmon, and Shrimp

These types of fish go well with Greek salads due to their mildness. That means they don’t overpower the other flavors in the salad.

Salmon is one of the most popular types of fish in Greek salads. That’s because it has a mild flavor that goes well with the salty feta cheese and the tart tomato.

Shrimp is a type of seafood that’s popular for Greek salads. This seafood is also mild, so it doesn’t clash with the flavors in the Greek salad.

Beef and Chicken

Burgers and other types of beef aren’t ideal for Greek salads due to their strong taste. However, if you prefer beef in the salad, you’re free to use it.

Chicken, on the other hand, goes well with Greek salads due to its mild flavor. That’s because it goes well with the other flavors in the salad.

Lamb and Goat

Personally, these arent favorites of mine. But some people do like them .Lamb and goat are both an ideal choice for Greek salads if your one of these people. They are reasonably mild in flavor. That means they don’t clash with the other ingredients in the salad, nor do they overpower them.

Egg and Cheese

Eggs and cheese are another pair of ingredients that go well with Greek salads. They can be great if you dont have any meat on hand and want to beef up your salad so to speak.


Greek salads dont usually include meat but can be served along side some nice cuts of meat including lamb, goat, beef, chicken and seafood.