What Meat Goes Well With Halloumi?

Did you know that halloumi goes really well with meat? It’s not just a cheese that goes well with pita bread, hummus and salads, it’s a great match for grilled and barbecued meats, such as kebabs, lamb chops and sausages.

Eating halloumi is even better when accompanied by other great Mediterranean foods and beverages. Here are some ideas for how to eat halloumi with other classic Mediterranean dishes.

Meat that goes well with halloumi include chicken breast, sausage, lamb chops and chorizo.

Halloumi and chicken breast

One of the most common ways to eat halloumi is with chicken breast. It works so well with this Mediterranean poultry because it has a really mild flavour, meaning that the halloumi meat can easily stand out.

This is one of those great matches where the combination of flavours is really interesting. The piquant chicken breast meat goes really well with the creamy halloumi, and the two of them together are very simple but very delicious.

If you like things a bit spicy, consider adding some chillis to your kebab or barbecue. This will add an interesting kick to the mix, but it will also make the chicken breast very easy to digest.

Halloumi and lamb

If you’re looking for a more exotic combination, consider lamb and halloumi. The smoky flavour of the lamb is a great match for the piquant cheese, and the two of them go really well together on a charcoal or wood-fired BBQ.

On the topic of lamb and halloumi, I had to share this video below. Scrumptious!

Halloumi and sausages

When it comes to sausages and halloumi, you really can’t go wrong. The two of them go really well together on a barbecue or on a wood or gas stovetop.

You can eat sausages with a wide variety of vegetables and salads, but they also make for a good choice when you’re eating halloumi. This is because the mild flavour of the cheese matches really well with the mild flavours of the sausages.


When you’re eating Mediterranean meals, halloumi is often one of the cheeses that you’ll come across. It’s a great alternative to cream cheese, and you can even eat it with certain meats.

There a quite a few meats that go well with halloumi cheese. Serve the cheese with lamb chops, chicken breast, sausage and chorizo. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the many other delicious ways to eat halloumi.