What Goes With Eggs and Bacon?

What Goes With Eggs and Bacon: The Ultimate Guide to Pairings

Whether you prefer your eggs and bacon poached, fried, or scrambled, you’re probably already digging into some mouthwatering bacon and eggs right now. But do you know what goes well with eggs and bacon? It’s a common question that is not easily answered.

It depends on the person, the culture, and even the time of day. The perfect egg and bacon pairing can be as simple as a slice of toast with some butter or as complex as a carbonara pasta.

Whatever the occasion, this ultimate guide will teach you what goes well with eggs and bacon. From the right spices to the right types of bread, read on to discover the best egg and bacon pairings.

What goes with bacon and eggs? Traditionally, Toast, baked beans, fried tomato, hash browns and sausages.

Baked Goods

There are many types of bread to pair with eggs and bacon. Whether it’s the fluffy egg bread or the savory ciabatta, bread is your perfect companion. Breads are often dipped into sauces like Hollandaise, or they are held up and sliced when using them as a plate.

Bread also goes well with eggs in that it can be used to create sandwiches or large open-faced breakfasts. Some of the best breads to pair with eggs and bacon include French bread, bagels, German bread, Scandinavian bread, pita bread, and ciabatta.

And lets not forget baked beans. This is a staple along side bacon and eggs in Big breakfasts English style breakfast.


Salads are one of the best partners for eggs and bacon. They pair well with eggs because they’re light and fresh, especially in the summer. Some of the best salads to go well with eggs and bacon include spring salads, summer salads, and fall salads.

Smoked Salmon

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique pairing, try smoked salmon with eggs and bacon. You can pair smoked salmon with almost anything, but it’s especially good with eggs and bacon. This is because the saltiness from the fish and bacon pair perfectly with the eggs.


Spices can be used to jazz up almost any meal, but they are especially delicious with eggs and bacon. Spices pair well with eggs for their salty traits and are often used to create bread dips. Some of the best spices to pair with eggs and bacon include chili, paprika, cumin, and cayenne.

Fried Foods

Fried foods often come with a side of grease, but they are also delicious. Fried foods are usually dense and heavy, making them perfect for breakfast. Some of the best fried foods to go with eggs and bacon include French fries, fried bread, and fried potatoes.

The Final Word

Eggs and bacon are some of the most common breakfast foods. They are delicious and filling, and you can customize them to suit your preference.

We covered some traditional and less traditional foods that go well with bacon. To recap spme of the best pairings of bacon include

  • Baked Beans
  • Toast
  • Fried Tomato
  • Sausages
  • Hash Browns

Pick the bread and the spices that go best with your tastes. From the right bread to the right spices, you’ll be eating great eggs and bacon in no time. This ultimate guide covers the most common pairings, so you know what goes well with eggs and bacon.