What Cheese Goes With Feta?

When it comes to pairing cheese with other cheeses, the list is endless. There are countless options for delicious combinations, but there are also specific rules, standards, and guidelines to help you determine the right fit.

For example, red wine is a match made in heaven with Roquefort and blue cheese. Similarly, the salty tang of Parmesan and the nutty notes of walnuts are a perfect fit. Parma ham, meanwhile, is a classic match with mozzarella.

If you’ve recently taken an interest in cheese pairing, you’ve probably come across the term “feta party”. This refers to the idea that there are only so many ways to use feta. Instead of thinking of feta as a simple ingredient, think of it as the star of a cheese party and you’ll be well on your way to mastering this popular Greek cheese. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about pairing feta with other cheeses.

What is Feta Cheese?

Feta is a popular topping for salads, soups, and a number of other dishes. It’s also commonly used in salads, wraps, pizza, sandwiches, and more. It pairs well with a variety of other dishes, making it a great versatile cheese.

Feta and Blue Cheese

Blue cheeses come in a variety of styles, but the two you should be most familiar with are blue dressing and Stilton. The former is a crumbly, spreadable blue cheese while the latter is a sturdier blue with a tangier flavor.

Blue cheese pairs well with both red wine and white wine, as well as a variety of other foods and drinks.

Feta and Camembert

One of the most popular cheeses in the world, Camembert is a soft, spreadable cheese with a rich, tangy, creamy flavor. It pairs well with bread, crackers, and other similar foods.

This is one of the most common cheese pairings, as most people have probably tried it at least once. It works best with a variety of beverages, some of which include coffee, tea, and soda.

Feta and Cheddar

Another very popular cheese, cheddar is a hard, white, crumbly cheese made from cows’ milk. It’s saltier and tangier than feta and is most commonly paired with crackers, bread, vegetables, and other savory foods.

Feta and Edam Cheese

Another popular cheese, Edam is a white, crumbly cheese that is similar to cheddar. However, it’s slightly saltier and tangier than cheddar. It’s commonly served with bread and crackers, as well as vegetables like potatoes and carrots.

Feta and Goat Cheese

One of the most unique cheeses out there, goat cheese is made from the milk of goats. It’s a softer, creamier, milder cheese than other varieties, with a sweet tangy flavor that pairs wonderfully with fruits, nuts, and honey.

Feta and Gorgonzola

Gorgonzola is a blue-veined, crumbly cow’s milk cheese. It’s one of the most popular blue cheeses in the world, and pairs well with a variety of foods and beverages.

Feta and Gruyère

A nutty, tangy, and cottage-style cheese, gruyère is a popular Swiss cheese. It pairs best with a variety of foods, including bread, crackers, vegetables, and fruit.

Feta and Parmesan

The most common match for feta, parmesan is another soft, crumbly, salty, and slightly sweet cow’s milk cheese. Both cheeses are commonly served on bread, but they also make great sandwiches with other veggies and meats, too.

Wrapping Up: The Final Word

Feta is a soft, salty, crumbly cow’s milk cheese made by aging goat’s milk cheeses in brine. It’s commonly used in salads and other dishes. There are endless ways to pair feta with other cheeses, so try experimenting with new recipes!