Which is Better – Steak Burgers vs Hamburger?

The world may be divided into two types of people – those who love burgers, and those who are sick to death of burgers. The problem is, there’s not really a great substitution for the real thing.

If you’re not a burger fan and you’ve been reading this far, you’ll probably understand why. It’s probably because we’re comparing steak burgers to hamburgers. But before you close this tab, take a look at these steak burger vs. hamburger comparisons and see which is better for you.

What is a Hamburger?

A hamburger is typically a ground beef patty that is grilled, often topped with melted cheese, and often served on a bun. Hamburger joints are usually fast food restaurants, but you can also find many sub shops that offer hamburgers.

What is a Steak Burger?

A steak burger is typically a beef steak used instead of a burger patty that is topped with melted cheese and sometimes sauteed vegetables. A steak burger is a hamburger with meat replaced with steak.

Which is Better – Steak Burger or Hamburger?

It’s hard to beat a good old fashioned hamburger when it comes to which is better – steak burger or hamburger. After all, they both have ground beef as their main ingredient. A steak burger, as the name suggests, uses steak as its main ingredient, whereas a hamburger uses only ground beef.

You might be surprised to learn, though, that a steak burger isn’t necessarily a better option than a regular hamburger. In fact, the opposite could be true.

According to Dr. Andrew Shao, a registered dietitian and owner of Daily Haven Dietetic Practice in New Haven, Connecticut, “There’s no nutritional difference between ground beef and any other ground meat.”

In other words, a steak burger may be healthier than a hamburger, but you could also make the argument that a hamburger is healthier than a steak burger. After all, it’s a ground beef patty that’s been grilled. A steak burger, on the other hand, may be lacking in sodium, fat, and cholesterol.


The bottom line? It doesn’t matter if you love steak burgers or you’re sick of them – they’re both burgers. The only real difference between the two is that a steak burger is topped with steak, and a hamburger is topped with ground beef.

Whether you prefer the taste of a steak burger or a regular hamburger will depend on your preferences. If you like your burgers topped with vegetables and steak, a steak burger is for you. If you like your burgers with a lot more fat and sodium, a hamburger is for you.

While you can’t really go wrong with either, if you’re looking for a different type of burger, you might enjoy the pork burger or chicken burger.