Sausage Roll vs Kolache: What’s the Difference?

Many people around the world know about the sausage roll. It’s a popular dish in Britain, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada. The sausage roll is usually made with ground pork and bacon inside of a bread-crumb pastry.

However, many people outside of these countries may not be familiar with this dish. Americans only recently started hearing about it due to the popularity of British TV show “Master Chef.” But what about the kolache? What is it? And why do some people think it’s better than the sausage roll? Read on to find out more about the two favorite pastries!

What is a sausage roll?

A sausage roll is a type of pastry where ground pork and bacon are stuffed inside a bread-crumb pastry. The sausage roll is usually in the shape of a rectangle.

What is a kolache?

A kolache is a type of pastry that originated in Central Europe. The name, which means “hug” or “to embrace” in Czech, comes from the shape of the dough which is folded over the filling. Traditionally, kolaches are made with a yeast dough that is filled with fruit. Today, they can be found with various fillings like cheese or sausage too.

Kolaches are usually smaller in size than sausage rolls but serve as a perfect breakfast pastry because they’re sweet and savory at the same time. They are also eaten for lunch with soup or salad when served warm.

Kolache vs. sausage roll

The differences between kolache and sausage rolls are numerous, but there are some similarities that make them both popular. The most obvious similarity is that they are both pastries. Both pastries are made with a doughy dough wrapped around a filling, often meat-based.

However, the kolache has more of a sweet taste to it because of the addition of ingredients like fruit or chocolate chips. It’s also sweeter because it includes sugar or honey in the dough recipe. Sausage rolls, on the other hand, have a stronger savory taste to them because they are usually filled with pork sausage and bacon bits.


They may look similar, but there are some key differences between sausage rolls and kolaches.

The sausage roll is typically made with a single sheet of puff pastry folded over the filling, while the kolache is more of a breakfast pastry with a soft, sweet yeast dough that can be filled with fruit or meat. They are both delicious, so the decision of what to eat for breakfast may come down to personal preference.