Rice Noodle vs Udon:Which One Should You Choose?

Rice noodles and udon are two types of Japanese noodles that can be found in a lot of dishes in Japan. They may look similar, but they have some key differences you should know before making a decision. Rice noodles are made from rice flour, salt, and water. Udon is typically made from wheat flour and water. Udon is generally thicker than rice noodles, as well as more chewy to eat.

The most well-known food that rice noodles are used in is pho, a Vietnamese soup that is typically served with beef or chicken broth. Udon can also be used for pho, but it’s usually served with a different broth like fish or soy sauce. So which one should you choose? It’s up to your personal preferences! There’s no right or wrong answer here!

A comparison of the two noodles

Both noodles are delicious and serve different purposes in various dishes. Rice noodles are typically used in soups and salads, whereas udon is either used for soup or stir-fries. Rice noodles also have a more chewy texture than udon. And when it comes to taste, it’s all about preference.

If you’re looking for something thicker and chewier than rice noodles, then udon is the noodle for you! If you want something lighter and fresher than rice noodles, go with rice noodles!

Where rice noodles are most commonly found

Rice noodles are most often found in dishes like pho, which is a Vietnamese soup. Rice noodles are also used in other dishes like pad Thai or bun kho.

Where udon is most commonly found

You can find udon in a variety of dishes, including soups and salads. Some popular dishes that include udon are chicken udon soup and vegetarian salad with udon noodles. But these aren’t the only foods to try!

Udon is available at many grocery stores, Asian markets, and even some mainstream grocery stores. It’s typically sold in a dried form or frozen, so it’s easy to find! In the dried form, all you have to do is cook it by boiling it for a few minutes before serving it.

So if you’re looking for a different type of noodle dish this winter, give udon a try! You may be surprised how much you like it!


Which type of noodle is better?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which type of noodle suits your needs best. After all, it’s your dish, and your dish should be perfect.