Pizza vs Lasagna: Which One Is Really Better?

Pizza and lasagna: two staples of Italian cuisine that can’t be mentioned without mentioning the other. Pizza vs lasagna: which one is really better?

Pizza has been around since the late 1800s, while lasagna is a dish with origins in ancient Rome. Pizza’s popularity has only increased over the years, while lasagna dishes have fallen on some hard times.

Lasagna was originally made with Sunday leftovers and it was considered a dish to make on a snowy day, when one wanted something hearty and filling. But pizza is also used as a comfort food and is eaten often in Italy, where it originated.

If you like cheese and tomato sauce with your pasta, then pizza will be your best friend. If you’re looking for a heartier dish, then lasagna will fill that void. Who wins this debate? It’s up to you!

A Brief History on Pizza and Lasagna

Lasagna is an Italian dish dating back to ancient Rome. A recipe for lasagna appeared in the cookbook “De Re Coquinaria” by Apicius, but it was very different from modern lasagna which contains no milk or cheese.

The original dish was a meat and cheese layered casserole, not the pasta and cheese we know today.

Pizza is a dish with origins in Naples around the 1800s and became popular in the United States when immigrants brought their recipes and traditions to America in the late 1800’s.

Lasagna dates back to ancient Rome where it was a meat and cheese layered casserole. It wasn’t until much later that lasagna would become known as noodles with cheese and tomato sauce.

Pizza on the other hand is a dish that emerged from Naples, Italy around the 1800s when immigrants came to America bringing their recipes and traditions with them.

What’s the Difference Between Pizza and Lasagna?

Pizza and lasagna are two dishes from the same country, but they have a few differences. Lasagna is a dish of layered noodles, cheese, tomato sauce, and meat or vegetables.

It’s baked until the cheese melts. Pizza is also topped with tomato sauce and cheese, but it has a crust made from bread dough instead of pasta dough.

Lasagna was originally made with leftovers from Sunday dinner and it was considered a dish to make on a snowy day because it’s hearty and filling. Pizza is also eaten as a comfort food in Italy where it originated.

Pizza is more popular than lasagna nowadays because of its various toppings and flavors. Lasagna may be more popular in certain regions of the United States because of its Italian roots.

Which One of These Dishes Do You Prefer?

Perhaps the most difficult question in the debate of pizza vs lasagna is which dish do you prefer?

It’s a tough question, but there are some things to consider.

Lasagna is usually made with leftover meat and cheese, which can be expensive. You will most often find lasagna in cold weather or on rainy weekends when people are home from work.

Lasagna also takes a long time to prepare, so it may not be quick enough for people who want to eat right away.

Pizza is typically seen as the go-to food for many people; one that people enjoy eating all year long. Pizza dough is typically easy to make and doesn’t take long to cook either. And if you like cheese and tomato sauce like most people do, then pizza will be your best friend.


Which dish is better? It’s hard to say. Pizza has its deep-dish crust, which is very different from lasagna. Lasagna is often served with cheeses like ricotta and mozzarella, whereas pizza is traditionally topped with mozzarella. And lasagna is often accompanied with a sauce, whereas pizza is usually topped with the iconic tomato sauce.

Really, it’s a matter of preference. Some people prefer lasagna because it’s so hearty and filling, whereas others prefer pizza because it’s more convenient and easily customizable.

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