How to Tell if an Aquarius Man Is Sorry.

Aquarius men are a complicated bunch, and it can be hard to figure out if they’re sorry or not. They might even seem like they don’t care. But that’s just because they’re different from other zodiac signs. Here are some ways to tell if an Aquarius man is sorry for what he’s done.

Aquarius men are different

Aquarius men are the mysterious zodiac sign that no one can ever figure out. They’re quirky and eccentric, and they always have a plan up their sleeve.

But it’s hard to tell if they’re sorry for what they’ve done. So how do you know if an Aquarius man is sorry? It all comes down to what type of Aquarius man you’re dealing with.

Some Aquarius men are so caught up in their big plans that there’s no time for apologies or regrets—but some are genuine and caring people who will apologize with no hesitation.

So how do you tell the difference? Take a look at his daily habits and you’ll see the truth in his actions.

How to tell if an Aquarius man is sorry

When an Aquarius man is sorry, it’s because he cares. These men are sensitive and emotional, so they tend to feel bad about what they’ve done. They want to be forgiven and do whatever it takes to make things right—even if that means adding a sweet apology text message or sending flowers.

You can tell if an Aquarius man is sorry by looking for these signs:

1) He tries to make amends: If he wants to fix the problem, then he probably feels bad about what happened.

2) He reaches out: A good sign that he really cares is if he reaches out after the argument or confrontation.

3) He’s humble: An Aquarius man who is sorry will try to apologize as much as possible—he’ll even admit when he was wrong.

4) He does something nice: If you’re mad at him and he tries really hard to make everything better, then there’s a good chance that he feels guilty for what happened.

5) He tries to understand your point of view: When an Aquarius man is sorry, he’ll also try to see your side of things. This means taking your feelings into account and listening before responding with his opinion.

If he’s an Aquarius man, chances are that at some point in time, he’s probably handled your feelings poorly. Maybe he acted like you were incapable of doing something or handled your emotions like they didn’t exist.

The first sign that an Aquarius man is sorry is if he apologizes for how he treated you. It might not seem like much, but it does mean there’s hope for his future behavior.

You can also tell if an Aquarius man is sorry by the way they act around you now.

If they’re willing to spend time with you and talk to you about things that matter to both of you, then there’s a good chance that they’re sorry for the way they treated you before.

Another thing to look out for if an Aquarius man is sorry is if they start listening to your opinions more than just telling you what to do.

This might be hard to tell because it can seem like they’re trying to do everything their own way, but it could actually be a sign that the person has changed and wants to make their relationship work.

The next time an Aquarius man does something hurtful, try these three methods at different times and see which one works best!


When an Aquarius man is sorry, he is likely to want to make amends. He may try to win you back or he may simply do something nice to make up for what he did wrong. He might also ask for your forgiveness.

However, if he isn’t sorry, he might act like everything is fine. He might act like the fight never happened or that any bad feelings between you are your fault. He might even be dismissive or avoid the subject altogether.

The best way to judge whether an Aquarius man is sorry is to look for evidence. If he’s doing something nice, he’s probably sorry. If he’s avoiding contact with you or acting like nothing ever happened, he’s probably not sorry.