How to Deal With the Silent Treatment From Your Aquarius Man.

The silent treatment is one of the most frustrating things that an Aquarius man can do. Sometimes it may be because they feel that you are not listening to them or because they are trying to figure out their next move in a relationship. Other times, it may be due to something you did that hurt their feelings.

There are ways to deal with the silent treatment when it happens, but sometimes your best option is to let them have time alone.

Here are some tips on how to deal with the silent treatment from an Aquarius man when it happens.

Dealing With The Silent Treatment From An Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are good at expressing their thoughts and feelings through their actions. They may be a bit more introverted in nature but they are not afraid to speak up about what they want in a relationship with you.

If an Aquarius man is angry or feeling hurt, he may give you the silent treatment to make you feel the way he feels. This might leave you feeling angry, frustrated, and confused.

Don’t get involved in a big debate if this happens because it will just make him more angry and stubborn about his silence. Instead, take some time for yourself and try to figure out where he is coming from before trying to approach him again.

He needs space if he is angry or hurt but he also needs respect and understanding when this happens. Remember that it’s not always about you and your behaviors; sometimes these reactions can come from something else entirely unrelated to your relationship.

It might be due to something that happened at work or with family members who had nothing to do with your relationship together. If you can understand his perspective on why he needs time alone then it will be easier for both of you when the silence ends and communication resumes.

Responding To The Silent Treatment

Some people are more sensitive than others. If you notice that he is upset or he is giving you the silent treatment, try to figure out what may have caused it.

He may not tell you if it is something that will make him feel vulnerable, but try to get an idea of what may be going on in his head without being too intrusive.

If you feel like the silent treatment was your fault, apologize and try to do better next time. Even if it was not your fault, apologize anyway—it can’t hurt to try!

Consider whether or not he needs some time alone. This is especially true if the silence has lasted for awhile.

If you think he does need time alone, offer him space and don’t push him further. A few days of space might help with whatever is bothering him and allow him to open up when he feels ready.

Understanding the personality traits of the Aquarius man may better help you understand the reasons for the silent treatment. Watch the video below.

Understanding Why They Give You The Silent Treatment

If they feel like you’re not listening to them, it may be because you haven’t been giving them your full attention or because they are trying to figure out their next move in the relationship. Here are some tips on how to deal with this when it happens:

– Ask them what’s wrong and if there is anything that you can do to help.

– Listen to what he has to say before planning your response.

– Focus on helping to solve their problems rather than just trying to solve the problem for them.

– Give them time to think about what they want and then come back with an offer that will satisfy both parties.

– Be mindful of your own feelings and thoughts so that you don’t get frustrated when they give you the silent treatment in response.

-Ask, do you want my advice? Or just want me to listen ?

If someone gave you this kind of treatment, would it make sense for you not to talk at all?

Probably not! It’s important when dealing with the silent treatment by an Aquarius man, however, that you don’t take it personally or get frustrated.

When It’s Okay To Walk Away

It’s okay to walk away if the silent treatment is happening regularly. If you are not getting any communication from your Aquarius man, it could be because he has given up on the relationship.

Walking away when you’ve gotten nothing but silence in return may be the best option before you get hurt even more.

If you think that they are about to break up with you, it’s important to know how he will do it in advance. Being prepared can help lessen the blow if it does happen.


If you’re involved with an Aquarius man who is giving you the silent treatment, it can be hard to figure out what his plans and intentions are. You might not know if he’s trying to make you feel bad or if he’s trying to make you feel like you’ve done something wrong.

The best thing you can do is to try to understand what the Aquarius man is feeling and take the appropriate action. If the silent treatment is a punishment, then it’s best to let him come around on his own time. However, if it’s a reflection of something you’ve done then it might be time to walk away.