Comparing Mexican Food vs Spanish Food: What’s the Difference?

Mexican food and Spanish food are two cuisines that have a lot in common. They both use a lot of corn, beans, fruits, and vegetables. One of the main differences is that Mexican food uses a lot more chili peppers.

Another difference is that in Mexico you’ll find a lot of dishes using cheese and in Spain they tend to use more cured meats.

However, in Spain the cooking tends to be less spicy than in Mexico. In this article we will compare these two popular food cultures and see which country does it better!

Mexican Food

Mexican food is one of the world’s most popular cuisines. It has become such a part of American cuisine that it is now hard to imagine life without tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.

This style of cooking is known for its use of corn as a staple ingredient. Corn tortillas are used to make tacos and other dishes like tamales, while corn kernels are boiled with milk, sugar, and cinnamon to make sweet-style creamed corn on the cob. Meat fillings are often seasoned with chilies or chili powder before being cooked in hot oil or fried on a griddle.

Spanish Food vs. Mexican Food

Spain and Mexico are the two countries that have the most similarity in their food culture. The main similarity is that both of their cuisines use corn, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

However there are many differences that separate these two cultures. One of the main differences is that Mexican food uses chili peppers while Spanish food does not. Another difference is cheese; in Spain they tend to use more cured meats whereas in Mexico cheese is more prominent on menus.

So which culture’s cuisine tastes better? We’ll let you decide for yourself!


You might be surprised to learn that Mexican food and Spanish food are not the same. While they share some similarities, there are also many differences.

The most notable difference is the language. The country of Spain has Spanish as its native language. Mexico, on the other hand, has Spanish as its second language.

Mexican food is also quite different than Spanish food. While they both use rice, corn and beans as side dishes, Mexican dishes usually include tortillas, which are made from cornmeal dough and fried in oil before serving.

Spanish cuisine, on the other hand, is more focused on seafood dishes. They don’t typically include rice or beans, but instead use bread.

Spanish cuisine also tends to include ingredients like saffron, almonds and olives which are not typically found in Mexican cuisine.

The differences between Mexican food and Spanish food show that there are many different cultures in the Americas.