Skillet grill vs Pan – Comparison

skillet grill vs pan When it comes to grilling or frying, there are two types of things you can do – skillet grilling and pan grilling. Which is better for your food? Let’s take a look. What is skillet grilling? Skillet grilling is a method of cooking with a skillet on top of an open … Read more

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Sour Cream vs Heavy Cream ?

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The Definitive Guide to Chicken vs Lamb.

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What Can I Use Instead of Tin Foil in the Oven?

Tin foil has become a staple in the kitchen, especially when it comes to baking. Tin foil has been around since the 1930’s, and was used to help make food more appealing in restaurants and other places. These days, tin foil is used by home cooks as well to help protect their foods from sticking … Read more

What Can I Use Instead of Golden Caster Sugar?

Golden caster sugar is a popular sweetener found in many bakery products. While it can be used in a variety of recipes, there are alternatives to this product that are often just as good or even better. Here are some common ingredients that can be used instead of golden caster sugar and their benefits. What … Read more

What Can I Use Instead of Yogurt to Marinate Chicken?

Marinating chicken is a great way to add flavor and tenderness to meat. However, if you don’t have yogurt on hand, what can you use instead? You can try some of these alternatives that will give your chicken the same tangy taste and texture as yogurt. Try mixing sour cream with spices, Greek-style yoghurt with … Read more

Can I Use Yoghurt Instead Of Cream In Curries?

There is a lot of debate about the use of cream in curries. Many people say that adding cream to a curry can make it too rich or heavy. Some people also say that if you use yoghurt instead of cream, your curry will be healthier and less fattening. So what’s the verdict? Here are … Read more

The 5 Best Substitutes for Flour in Frying Fish

When you’re cooking fish, it’s really hard to get that golden crust. To help you out, here are five of the best substitutes for flour in fish fry. Cornstarch: The texture is similar to bread crumbs and it can be used as a substitute for both flour and cornmeal. It also has a nice flavor … Read more

What Can I Use Instead of a Wok?

What Can I Use Instead of a Wok? If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine and can’t find your wok, or if you just want to branch out and try something new, think about these substitutes for cooking with a wok. A wok is an important piece of cookware in many Asian cuisines because it … Read more