Astrological Reasons Libras Can’t Fall in Love: The Definitive Guide.

Libras are often misunderstood and can be hard to understand. Part of this is due to the fact that they’re dual signs and thus tend to have two distinct personalities. But what is it about these mysterious people that makes them so difficult for others to love?

Well, the truth is it’s mostly because they themselves are difficult to love. Here are some astrological reasons why Libras have a hard time falling in love.

The Duality of the Libra

If you’re dating someone who is a Libra, you may have found that they are rather difficult to read. As the second sign of the zodiac, their actions seem to be completely unpredictable. They can go from being warm and loving one minute to cold and distant in an instant.

It’s because the Libra is an Air Sign, which means they are ruled by rationality and critical thinking. They tend to take things very personally and will put up emotional walls to protect themselves when they feel attacked or insecure.

The Libra’s emotional sensitivity can make it difficult for them to love someone unconditionally—since if their partner doesn’t reciprocate their feelings, it will feel like a personal attack on them. It’ll be hard for them to confront this person about anything that makes them upset because it feels like their own fault that they’re unhappy with this person.

Why Libras Can’t Fall in Love

Libras can’t fall in love because they’re too busy loving themselves. This is the main reason why they can’t ever commit to someone else. People who don’t feel like they need anything from the world and don’t want anything from it, also don’t want to give out of themselves and make a relationship work.

Libras often refuse to show vulnerability and this is one of the reasons why they have a hard time falling in love with someone else. They are afraid of being hurt, so instead they stay detached from their partner.

Some Libras are just bad at relationships- no matter what type of relationship it may be. Others refuse to let go of past loves, or are just unlucky in love. But sometimes these things have nothing to do with luck- sometimes people just have a hard time making others happy because they’re not able to make themselves happy first!

Reasons Libras might have a hard time falling in love include: being self-centered, refusing to show vulnerability, being bad at relationships, or staying attached to past loves.


Libras are notoriously indecisive. They are attracted to the idea of love, but they are also drawn to their independence. This can be hard when it comes to love, but there are ways to find love that don’t involve true commitment.

Libra’s are often drawn to people who are their opposites in certain ways. They may be drawn to someone who is more extroverted than they are, or someone who is more intuitive than they are. The important thing is understanding your Libra, and understanding what they need in order to be happy.