Best Alternatives to Steak Sauce for Grilling and Cooking

Steak sauce is probably the most divisive condiment in the history of condiments. Some people love it, while others can’t stand the stuff. If you’re in the latter group, this might come as a shock, but you’re probably missing out.

With that being said, there are a number of great alternatives if you’re looking to replace your ketchup, mustard, or steak sauce routine with something new and exciting.

Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the best alternatives to steak sauce so that you can save yourself some potential heart ache and make an informed purchase the next time you’re grocery shopping.

What is a Steak Sauce?

If you’re not familiar with the term “steak sauce,” you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past decade or so. Steak sauce is a condiment that is typically made from either ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, or soy sauce. Although steak sauce does contain some soy, it’s typically made up of much more than just those two ingredients.

Steak sauce is used to add a savory flavor to your steak, particularly beef steak. It is also frequently used to add flavor to other foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and french fries.

Red Wine Sauce

Red wine sauce is probably the most common alternative to steak sauce and it is often used in a stir-fry or as a marinade. It is also becoming more common to see it served with beef Wellington. Red wine sauce is made by combining red wine with vinegar, oil, herbs, and spices.

Some of the most popular herbs and spices that are often used to make red wine sauce include thyme, rosemary, basil, and oregano.


Chimichurri is a healthy and delicious alternative to steak sauce. It is a sauce made from fresh parsley, cilantro, mint, garlic, and olive oil. Chimichurri can be used as a marinade, a salad dressing, or as a spread for hot dogs and sandwiches.

Some of the most popular meats that are often paired with chimichurri include steak, pork, and chicken.

Balsamic Glaze

Balsamic glaze is a fantastic alternative to steak sauce because it can be used for so many different types of foods. While balsamic glaze can be used on steak, it can also be used on seafood, vegetables, or even in desserts.

Honey-Balsamic Glaze

Honey-balsamic glaze is another great alternative to steak sauce because it can be used for a variety of different foods. While it is typically used on pork, chicken, or beef, it can also be used on vegetables such as broccoli or Brussel sprouts.

Some of the most popular dishes that use honey-balsamic glaze include roasted pork loin, pork chops, and steak.

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Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue sauce can be used on just about anything, but is typically associated with beef. It is typically made from a combination of ketchup, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, molasses, spices, and vinegar.

Some of the most popular spices that are often found in barbecue sauce include cayenne, paprika, and onion.

Honey mustard sauce

Honey mustard sauce is a great alternative to steak sauce because it is typically used as a salad dressing. It can be used on practically any type of salad, but is especially delicious when used on a steakhouse salad.

Some of the most popular steakhouse salads that use honey mustard sauce include Caesar salad, BLT salad, and garden salad.

Asian-inspired sauces

Asian-inspired sauces can be used on pretty much anything, but are typically associated with steak. They are typically made from a combination of soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, ginger, and other spices.

Some of the most popular Asian-inspired sauces include oyster sauce, plum sauce, and hoisin sauce.

Bottom line

As you can see from the list above, there are a variety of great alternatives to steak sauce. Which one you choose to use will depend on your personal preferences, however, so make sure you take that into consideration when purchasing your next bottle of condiment.

If you’re still looking for a steak sauce substitute, then we highly recommend checking out this list. You’re sure to find something that will suit your needs and preferences just perfectly.