Wine Glasses Vs Water Glasses: What Is the Difference?

Wine glasses and water glasses are both used for different purposes. Wine glasses are used to taste wine and water glasses are used to drink water.

In this article, we will go over the differences between these two types of glasses so you can easily differentiate them from one another. Consider this your go-to guide for all things glassware.

What are Wine Glasses?

Wine glasses are used to taste and enjoy wine. Wine glasses can be stemmed or stemless and different shapes like: tulip, balloon, and flared. Usually, they have a narrow bowl with a short stem.

What are Water Glasses?

Water glasses are used for drinking water. They are also known as water goblets, tumblers, or wine stemware. The shape of the glass is usually cylindrical with a wider top and narrower bottom, which helps to prevent spills. These glasses are usually made out of glass or plastic.

The Differences Between Wine And Water Glasses

Wine glasses are made of a thicker, heavier crystal glass. They are taller and typically shaped like a bell.

The stem of the glass is wide at the bottom with a narrow opening so wine doesn’t spill out when you swirl it to smell the aroma. Wine glasses also have a small bowl on top to trap the aroma of the wine so you can enjoy it with your meal.

Water glasses are typically made of clear glass and are shorter than wine glasses. The opening is wider than that of the wine glass because water doesn’t need to be smelled before drinking it.

Additionally, water is served in these types of glasses at room temperature while wine is served chilled or warmed up.


1. Wine glasses are used to drink wine.

2. Water glasses are used to drink water.

3. Wine glasses are narrower (and taller) than water glasses. The width of a wine glass is about 3-4 inches, while the width of a water glass is about 4-6 inches.

4. Wine glasses typically have a bowl shape, while water glasses typically have a wider, flatter shape.

5. Wine glasses are typically held by the stem (the part between the bowl and the base of the glass) while water glasses are typically held by the base of the glass.

6. Wine glasses are typically smaller than water glasses (approximately 6-8 ounces). Water glasses are typically larger (approximately 20 ounces).

7. Wine glasses often have a bowl shape that tapers to a narrower lip, while the lip of a water glass is often wider and more rounded.

8. Wine glasses typically don’t have handles while water glasses typically do.