Why Scorpios are so hard on themselves?

If you know a Scorpio or two, you’ve probably noticed how hard they can be on themselves.

It’s as if they have an invisible checklist of everything that isn’t up to their exacting standards, and it seems like they’re always watching for the moment something falls short. This is part of what makes being friends with a Scorpio so challenging at times.

They will often expect more from themselves than anyone else could ever demand. It can be tough to understand why someone would be their own worst critic all the time, but there are some pretty good reasons why this happens.

Let’s take a closer look at why Scorpios are so hard on themselves and see if we can offer some support in these moments.

They hold themselves to high standards

Scorpios are known for having high expectations, and a lot of this has to do with how they were raised. As children, many of them were likely held to impossibly high standards by their parents – and perhaps even their teachers, peers, and society at large.

Scorpios are noted for having powerful instincts, and often know the path that is right for them from a young age. However, since society often frowns on the more instinctual and intuitive pursuits, many of them are expected to conform and pursue more traditional, logical paths.

This can leave Scorpios feeling like they have an extra-heavy burden to conform, and meeting very high expectations. And all of this gets mixed up with their emotions and produces a potent mix of high standards and self-loathing.

The pressure is on to succeed

For many people, the prime time of their lives to succeed is in their late teens and early twenties. This is when most people are looking to go to college, get their first real job, or make other big moves towards their goals. Scorpios often come into their own during this period, and it can be a really frustrating time.

Because of how impulsive and emotional they often are, they might not be the most reliable person to lean on. When you’re in your teens and early 20s, you’re expected to be taking charge and leading the way.

Being impulsive and emotional are not considered good qualities in someone who is expected to get things done. This can leave Scorpios feeling like they are always under pressure to succeed, but not being able to fully meet those expectations.

Self-loathing is a defense mechanism

All people engage in negative self-talk at certain times in their lives. But for Scorpios, this can become a kind of default setting, a way to deflect and avoid the pain of failing to meet their high standards. People who are always criticizing themselves are not likely to be happy, and are often very hard to be around.

However, this can be a way for Scorpios to protect themselves from the shame and pain of feeling like a failure. Scorpios often have such a strong sense of what they need to do in order to be happy. They are impulsive, passionate people who are driven to follow their impulses and passions.

They often know exactly what they want, and how things should be. One problem with this is that when you know exactly what’s needed to be happy, and you don’t meet those standards, you are bound to feel a deep sense of failure. And when you are always criticizing yourself, you are less likely to notice this feeling of defeat.


The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with a Scorpio men who is being hard on themselves is that they are not doing this to hurt you.

They are likely unaware of the pressure they are putting on themselves, and the stress they are placing on those around them.

In fact, many Scorpios are unaware of how they are feeling.

This is because they are so busy trying to meet the expectations they have placed on themselves, they don’t have the time to process their emotions. Scorpios need our help to understand that high expectations are not always a good thing.

They also need to be shown that we accept them for who they are – even when they aren’t meeting those expectations.