Why Are Virgos Always Single?‍

Virgos are immensely analytical people who enjoy diving into topics and solving puzzles. They love to learn new things, research about everything under the sun, and read extensively on a variety of subjects. In short, they’re very well-read individuals who love to expand their minds constantly.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have the capacity to love or be in a relationship; quite the contrary. Virgos can be some of the most devoted partners out there because of their loyalty, trustworthiness, and understanding nature.

However, that doesn’t mean finding someone to spend your time with is easy for a Virgo. Read on to know why being single is as natural a state for them as any other zodiac sign…

Virgos are picky and know exactly what they want.

Virgos are excellent at identifying their needs and wants. They honestly understand what they want out of a relationship and can, therefore, be quite picky when it comes to choosing a partner. Virgos want to be in a mutually beneficial relationship where they are given as much as they give.

If they don’t feel that they’re getting enough out of a relationship, they will cut it off without a second thought. Being picky and having high standards when it comes to relationships doesn’t make Virgos snobs or anti-social beings.

It just means that they know what it takes for them to be happy in a relationship. Virgos don’t want just any partner; they want The One – and only The One.

They can be brutally honest and don’t mince words.

As a Virgo, you’re not afraid to be brutally honest with a partner, friend, or family member. For example, if your friend is wearing an outfit or makeup that looks way too tacky for their personality, you’re not afraid to tell them that it’s not a good look for them.

You’re not trying to offend them, but rather, you’re trying to help them look their best. Similarly, if you’re dating someone, you’re not afraid to tell them that they need to lose weight, get a haircut, or take up a new hobby.

You’re not being malicious; you’re just trying to help them be the best version of themselves so they can find the right person for them. Your brutal honesty comes from a place of concern and love.

Virgos are hesitant to commit.

It’s true that Virgos are a bit hesitant when it comes to committing to a partner. This is because they are very aware that life is unpredictable and that things can and do go wrong. A Virgo doesn’t want to make a decision that they’ll have to regret later.

They don’t want to trap themselves into something that might make them unhappy for years to come. This doesn’t mean that Virgos are commitment-phobic. In fact, they just want to make the right choice the first time around.

They want to be with someone they love and adore, someone they can bring around their friends and family, someone they can trust and know won’t hurt them or betray their trust.

Virgos need constant intellectual stimulation.

Virgos are one of the most intelligent zodiac signs, and they always have their minds on overdrive.

They love to be challenged and know that being in a relationship with someone who provides them with moderate to high levels of intellectual stimulation will keep them happy.

If you’re dating a Virgo, don’t try to be their quasi-parent. Act your age, be silly, and make sure you two can challenge each other intellectually.

Make sure when you’re together, there’s always a healthy level of debate between the two of you. Don’t be afraid to disagree with them and make your point – as long as it’s done respectfully.

Virgos crave alone time and are independent by nature.

Virgos are naturally independent people who enjoy having their own space and being able to make their own decisions. When they’re in a relationship, they’re not looking to become someone’s property.

They’re looking for a partner who respects their level of independence and gives them their space when they need it. Virgos are natural-born leaders who love to take charge when they need to.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re controlling or overbearing. Instead, they prefer to give their partner space and allow them to make their own decisions – as long as those decisions are respectful and acceptable.


There are many reasons why being single is as natural for Virgos as any other zodiac sign, but the main one is that they know what they want in a relationship and how to get it.

They are picky and know what they want, they can be brutally honest, they need constant intellectual stimulation, they crave alone time and are independent by nature.

Virgos can be some of the most devoted partners out there because of their loyalty, trustworthiness, and understanding nature.