Why are Scorpios So Rude ?

5 Reasons Why Scorpios Seem Rude and How to Deal With It

‍Are you friends with a Scorpio? If so, you know how mysterious and hard to read they can be.

Sometimes it almost feels like they’re purposely keeping you at arm’s length because it’s almost impossible to get past their prickly exterior. They won’t tell you much about themselves, but expect lots of probing questions from them about your life.

It can feel like an interrogation and leave you wondering if maybe they don’t trust you or think you’re hiding something sinister. Maybe it feels that way because they do think you have secrets and that there is more to your story than what you are revealing.

But this is also why we love them so much because Scorpios bring a depth and intensity to our lives that no other sign offers in quite the same way. Here are some reasons why they might seem rude and how to deal with it:

They’re probably feeling defensive.

Scorpios are experts at putting up their defenses and deflecting anything that doesn’t feel right. They have a natural suspicion of people and don’t trust very easily.

They’ve had too many experiences in their past where they’ve been burned or let down. Once they’re burned, they’re slow to heal.

They tend to be very critical people who see the flaws in others but are slow to see their own flaws. They’re highly intelligent and savvy people who are good at making others feel inadequate.

They’re also very hard on themselves and need to learn to be gentler with themselves and others.

They don’t like to be vulnerable.

Scorpios are very guarded people who have learned to protect themselves from feeling too much. They don’t want to be too attached to anyone because they know how much it hurts when people leave or betray you.

They’ve had their hearts broken too many times and don’t want to risk getting too close again. They want to keep everything superficial and on their terms, or they walk away entirely.

They have a tough shell and are working through their issues.

Scorpios are very intense people who have a lot going on inside. They have a lot to work through and deal with in their past and present and don’t always know how to express it.

They don’t want to bother others with their issues, and they may have a hard time asking for support. They are very independent people who don’t like to be seen as needing help. They want to be self-sufficient and handle everything on their own.

They can be distrustful of others.

Scorpios are naturally suspicious and untrusting of people. They have been lied to, tricked, and let down so many times in the past that they have trouble trusting anyone.

They have a hard time letting their guard down and letting others into their lives. They don’t want to get too attached to anyone because they’re afraid they will be let down again. They want to keep everyone at a distance because it’s easier that way.

They value quality and trust in the people they’re close to.

Once a Scorpio has let you into their lives and hearts, they are fiercely loyal and devoted. They will put everything on the line for the people they love and trust.

They want a few close friends they can rely on and not a lot of superficial acquaintances. They want to invest in relationships they know they can trust. They want to make sure there is a strong foundation in place before delving too deeply into friendships.


Scorpios are complex and mysterious people who can be hard to read.

They have many reasons for acting the way they do, but they all have one thing in common—they are all in an effort to protect themselves.

Once you get past their prickly exterior, you’ll find a loyal friend and partner who will be devoted to your happiness and success.