Why are Libras so Funny? The Astrology Behind it.

‍Libras are known for incorporating comedy into their everyday lives. From slapstick to situational, Libras will find a way to crack a joke or make someone else crack a joke.

They’re the jokers of the zodiac and also the funniest sign. Why are Libras so funny? It comes from their natural ability to see the lighter side of life, but also from their willingness to look at things through a comedic lens. Let’s take a deeper dive into why Libras are so funny, and what makes them tick so well.

What makes Libras so funny?

There are many reasons why Libras are so funny, but here are the top 5: Libras are expressive people, who use their voices to convey their emotions. Since humor comes from a place of emotion, Libras are able to tap into that and make others laugh.

Libras are also very imaginative people, who can take any situation and find a creative way to look at it. Libras are charmers, who make others feel comfortable. This makes it easy for Libras to slip into a comedic role and find a way to make people laugh. Libras are curious people, who are eager to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Humor is a great way to do this, because it allows Libras to fully express themselves while learning a lot at the same time. Libras are empathetic people, who feel others’ emotions. This ability gives them an insight into others’ feelings, which makes it easy for Libras to find a way to make them happy.

Libras are also intuitive people, who rely on their instincts to guide them. This can help Libras gain a better insight into themselves, and others, and use it to make them laugh.

The joy of making others laugh

The joy of making others laugh is the most important aspect of the Libras’ funny side. The desire to make others happy and laugh can sometimes take over the natural instinct to be funny, and can even lead to a Libras’ desire to be a comedian.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “comedy is tragedy interrupted by a funny idea,” and although tragedy and hardship will always be a part of life, it’s the ability to laugh in the face of it that makes the Libras so funny.

It’s the willingness to look at a situation or event with a humorous lens that makes Libras so funny. Libras love to make others laugh, because it gives them a sense of power and confidence.

By making others feel happy and comfortable, Libras feel as though they’re doing what they should be doing, and this gives them a sense of purpose and joy. This can be applied to anyone, and Libras will find a way to find the lighter side of life and bring it out in others.

Libras are natural comedians

Libras are the most charming sign, and this makes them natural comedians. Libras love to engage in conversation and explore different topics, and often this can lead to a comedic conversation. While Libras are usually the ones to instigate a comedic conversation, they can also be the ones to end it.

Libras are very expressive people, and this can easily translate into a comedic situation. A facial expression, or even the way they walk, can make others laugh.

By being themselves, Libras make it easy to be funny, because they don’t need to try too hard. Libras also love to explore their creative side, and this can easily lead to a comedic situation. A painting, a poem, or even a story, can end in a comedic conclusion, making Libras natural comedians.

Libras love to laugh at themselves

Since Libras have such a strong sense of self-awareness, they also have a strong sense of shame and embarrassment.

When Libras make a mistake, or a mistake is made on their behalf, they feel ashamed and embarrassed, but that’s where Libras differ from other signs. Instead of dwelling on the mistake, and the feelings that accompany it, Libras love to laugh at themselves.

Libras have a natural ability to make mistakes and find the lighter side of life, which enables them to laugh at themselves. By being able to laugh at themselves, Libras don’t feel shame or embarrassment, but rather a sense of pride, which is something no other sign quite captures.

Libras love to explore the humorous side of a situation, and sometimes that includes their own mistakes. They’re able to see things in a lighter way, which enables them to laugh at their mistakes. This ability makes Libras not only the funniest sign, but also the most down-to-earth.


Libras are known for being the funniest sign of the zodiac, and also the most expressive. They can find the lighter side of life and make others laugh, while also making them feel comfortable.