Why Are Libras Always Single?‍

Libras are empathetic, accepting, and compassionate. We’re people-driven rather than task-driven individuals who don’t let the small things get to us.

Rather than being seen as a weakness, these characteristics should be viewed as our strengths that make us great partners.

So why are libras always single? The answer is simple: we’re so focused on being that partner that we fail to see the red flags of toxic partners.

And this is especially true for single libras. While the seventh sign of the zodiac seems like it would have an abundance of potential partners, in reality this isn’t the case. Let’s take a look at some reasons why libras are always single and how you can find your perfect match this year.

Libras Care Too Much

Libras are the type of people who would drop everything to help a friend out of a bind. We’re compassionate and empathetic people who are absolutely driven by feelings. And this is a wonderful quality to have — until it comes to dating. When dating, libras care too much about the feelings of their partner.

We put our own wants, desires, and needs aside to make sure the other person is happy. Now, don’t get us wrong. This isn’t something that’s inherently a bad thing. However, when coupled with the next two reasons, it definitely becomes toxic.

Libras Have High Standards

Libras are driven by emotion, so it makes sense that we have high standards when it comes to dating. However, when you constantly have your heart set on the person who works at the coffee shop, your standards are too high.

You’re not going to find your soulmate sipping a caramel macchiato on the other side of the counter. And while dating someone who has a lower socioeconomic status than you isn’t a bad thing, it’s important to keep your standards realistic. At the same time, dating someone who has a higher socioeconomic status than you isn’t the worst thing in the world either.

Libras Are Constantly Searching for the Perfect Partner

Libras are, again, driven by emotion. There are times when you’ll fall in love at first sight — and that’s wonderful. But there’s a difference between falling in love at first sight and convincing yourself that you’ve found the perfect person for you.

This happens a lot in dating. Libras fall in love with the idea of a person who, in reality, they barely know anything about. Once this happens, we become too driven by our emotions to see the red flags that should be right in front of our faces.

Libras Are Skeptics and Need Proof Before Moving Forward

Libras are skeptical people. We don’t take anything at face value. Not only do we look at things in a critical manner, but we also look at our own emotions with a critical eye. We’re constantly questioning what we feel and why we feel it. But this isn’t a bad thing.

In fact, it’s a very good thing because it means you’re constantly growing and evolving as a person. However, this quality can become toxic when it’s applied to dating. Libras have a hard time trusting someone who’s given them a reason not to trust them. Sure, we all make mistakes. But libras have a hard time forgiving and forgetting.

Final Words: Finding your lovable Libra

Libras are wonderful people who deserve to be loved and cherished. And while dating as a libra can be difficult, it’s important not to lose hope. Instead, focus on becoming a better person. And when you do, you’ll find your lovable libra. And when you do, make sure you treasure and love them like they deserve because they’re rare.