Why a Libra Man Might Stop Texting You

‍As much as we enjoy the thrill of a first date, the follow-up can be nerve-wracking. Especially if you’ve been waiting for his text message to see if there will be a second date. When your Libra man stops texting you after a few tentative exchanges, it can feel like a sudden punch to your self-esteem.

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in you anymore. Just because he stopped texting doesn’t mean he isn’t interested; there are many reasons why this might have happened.

Understanding why your Libra man has stopped texting will give you insight into his thinking and help you understand why things have changed so much from that initial hot and heavy exchange of messages. Here are some possible explanations for why he stopped texting you…

He’s playing the waiting game.

When a Libra man has a crush on you, he’ll be eager to let you know. He’ll be texting you as soon as possible, as he’ll be dying to know more about you. He’ll be really eager to see you again because he’ll want to know if there is a connection between you.

When he stops texting you, it’s because he’s playing the waiting game. He’ll want to keep you interested and make you wonder about him, while making sure you’re not too in-demand. He wants to create a sense of mystery around himself.

He’s still getting over a breakup.

If you start to see this guy again and then realize he’s acting a bit strangely, it might not be because he’s not interested in you anymore, but that he’s still getting over a breakup.

If your Libra man has been in a relationship before and has just broken up, he might be looking for someone new, but might not have dealt with the emotions from the breakup yet. If your guy is trying to avoid talking about his previous relationship, it’s possible he’s not over the past relationship and has simply moved on to you.

You texted at the wrong time.

All signs were pointing to your Libra man being interested in you, and then one day, he just stops texting. What happened? It’s possible you texted him at the wrong time. Your Libra man might not want to be overly zealous, so if you try to push him too soon, he might back off.

He might want to feel like you’re pursuing him, but he might not want to feel like you’re desperately trying to catch him. Your Libra man is a highly social person who loves to be in the middle of things. He enjoys being with friends, and he loves to be able to fit in everything he possibly can. That’s why he might not have the time to text you every day, or even every week.

He has trust issues.

If your Libra man suddenly stops texting and then you see him out and about with other women, it’s possible he has trust issues and doesn’t want you to think he’s interested in you.

He might not want to appear too eager because he thinks you’ll notice and be put off by the fact that he’s dating so many women at once.

If he doesn’t want you to think he’s interested in you, and he is dating other people, it’s possible he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

He doesn’t want to lead you on, so he stops texting and hopes you won’t be too upset about it. Trust issues may also come into play if he does want to date you but doesn’t want you to think he’s only interested in you because he has trust issues.

You haven’t passed his test yet.

The Libra man wants to be in relationships but with the right people. He wants to be with someone who can go out with him and be his equal, but he also wants to be with someone who will challenge him.

He wants to be with someone who will make him feel good about himself and not make him feel bad, but he wants someone who is strong enough to make up his own mind and not be led around.

Your Libra man might have been texting you, but it’s possible he hasn’t passed your test yet. He wants to feel like you’re at his level and that he isn’t messing around with someone who is not strong enough to stand up to him. He wants to be with someone he can trust and who is confident in themselves.


Your Libra man has stopped texting you, and you don’t know why. It’s possible that he might have gotten too busy, he might have moved on from dating to trying to find a serious relationship, or he might have just been playing the waiting game.

It’s also possible that he might have been getting over a breakup, you texted at the wrong time, he has trust issues, or you haven’t passed his test yet.

Whatever the reason, the best thing to do is not to worry about it. Move on and find someone who will be eager to talk to you and let you know how they feel.