What Scares a Libra Man? Solved !

Libra men are the easiest to understand of all the zodiac signs. They’re just regular human beings, who happen to be born in this particular period. They are known to be balanced and in control of their emotions. So….What scares a Libra man?

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The answer is surprisingly simple: fear of being judged or misunderstood can scare a libra man. This is because they want to be seen for who they really are and what they really do, not for who people think they are. Some other things that might scare a Libra man include changes in their routine, change in general, failure, commitment and intimacy.

Everyone has fears, but for different people these fears can vary widely. Libra men are often afraid of being misunderstood or judged.

They want to be seen for who they are, not for what other people think them to be. Libra men might also fear changes in their routine, fear of change, fear of failure, fear of commitment, fear of intimacy and many more.

Others are afraid that they’ll be rejected when they reach out to someone new–it’s just easier to go without human connection than it is to risk being rejected.

It can even be scary when someone moves on from something they were doing with you–even if you didn’t want them there in the first place!

Fear of change

One of the things that scares Libra men is change. Anything that disrupts their routine or causes them to change their behavior can be unsettling for Libras.

For example, if they are used to eating out every day, but now they can’t do so because they don’t have time because of work, this could cause anxiety and stress for them. Other examples might include moving to a different city or finding out that someone they love is moving away.

Change means something different for everyone, but for Libras it could mean the end of their world as they know it.

However, change has its benefits too! It leads to new experiences and opportunities that you would never have otherwise had. If you’re willing to take the risk for the reward, then you should be able to manage your fear of change.

Fear of intimacy

The fear of intimacy is a common fear for many Libra men. This is because they would rather not get too close to another person and have their heart broken in the process. One reason for this fear might be from being hurt in the past.

A Libra man can’t expect to be intimate with someone he just met but who still has feelings for someone else. For a Libra man, it’s all about taking things slowly and getting to know each other better. If he gives his heart away too quickly, then they’re going to end up being crushed when that person inevitably leaves them too soon.

Another reason why a Libra man might fear intimacy is that they want to always feel like they can walk away from a relationship without feeling any guilt or obligation. When a relationship becomes too serious, it can make him feel obligated to stay in it even if he doesn’t want to anymore.

In most cases, it’s easier for Libra men to maintain one-sided relationships where they give more than they get in return. In these types of relationships, the only thing he has control over is how much he invests into it and how long he stays in it before moving on.

Fear of commitment

For many people, commitment is a difficult thing. Many people fear the idea of committing to others and it can be especially hard for Libra men.

Libra men want their relationships to be perfect and often make the mistake of setting the bar too high, which can lead to disappointment when things don’t meet their expectations.

Fear of intimacy: intimacy can also scare a Libra man. This is because it means they’re going to have to share themselves with someone and that can be scary. This fear can be closely tied to fear of failure and fear of being judged or misunderstood, as well as fear of commitment.

Breaking out of this cycle is not an easy feat but it’s possible! You just need to work on your self-esteem and understand that there is nothing wrong with you because these feelings exist in everyone at different times in their lives.