What Meat Goes With Hummus?

It’s no secret that hummus is one of the world’s most popular dips. Once you taste it, you’ll understand why. The creamy, dip-able protein that is hummus is great on its own as a snack, or as a dip for veggies, bread and more. The only downside to all of the available varieties of hummus is that people tend to have strong feelings about them.

There are those who can’t imagine eating anything else, and then there are those who can’t stand the stuff. Fortunately, you aren’t limited to just one kind of hummus. In this article, we’ll discuss what meats go well with hummus, so that you can make the perfect dip for everyone at your next gathering.

The best meat to go with hummus include chicken, fish, pork, beef and shellfish.

Hummus, Feta and Chicken

A lot of people think that hummus and baba ghanoush are a match made in heaven, but the flavor combination of chicken, feta and hummus is even better. This savory dip is great with pita, veggies or whole wheat bread.

Hummus and Falafel

Falafel is the perfect meatless meat because of its great texture. It’s made from a combination of chickpea and fava bean, and the hummus goes great with it. Even though it has a stronger flavor than many other dips, it goes well with the less-than-spicy hummus.

Hummus, Shrimp and Avocado

This is one of the more unusual pairings, but it works surprisingly well. The strong flavor of the avocado actually balances out the sweetness of the shrimp and the saltiness of the hummus, making them taste even better together.

Hummus and Simple Meatless Lo Mein

If you’re looking for a meatless sandwich option, hummus is one of the best fillings around. It goes great with lo mein, whole wheat pasta, or even rice. The lo mein option is particularly good because it can easily be made at home. All you need to do is to cook spaghetti and then mix in a stir-fry sauce or a no-cook sauce. You can find both of these at the grocery store. The no-cook options are great because they don’t require water or milk to be mixed into the noodles. This means that you can easily pack them for lunch or dinner, and there’s less clean-up for you and your loved ones after the meal is over.

Hummus and Tzatziki Sauce

If you like your hummus with a little bit of Greek flair, then Tzatziki sauce is the perfect thing for you. This Greek yogurt-based sauce is made with garlic, cucumber, and dill, which give it a great fresh taste. Tzatziki sauce goes great with pita bread, whole wheat crackers or vegetables.

Wraps and Roll-ups with Hummus

If you’re looking for a more upscale meal, try serving hummus with some homemade whole wheat wraps or even some homemade roll-ups. You can find both of these at the grocery store, and they only take a few minutes to prepare. For roll-ups, you’ll need to cut rounds out of the bread and then spread the hummus inside. For the wraps, you can just tear up the pita bread and use that as your base. Even though it’s a bit more work, the flavor combination of hummus, wraps and roll-ups is worth it.

Hummus, Cucumber, Tomato Salad and Fried Shrimp

For something a little bit different, try serving hummus with a simple tomato salad and fried shrimp. The tomato salad is important because it provides the base for the sauce, while the shrimp adds a nice crunchy texture. If you want to add even more flavor to this meal, consider drizzling some Barbecue sauce on top.


You’ve probably noticed that there are a variety of meats that go well with hummus. The great news is that there are tons of other combinations that you can try out as well. The only thing that you really need to keep in mind is that the flavor profile for the rest of the meal needs to complement the flavor of the hummus.

This article should have given you some ideas about what meats go well with hummus. The best part about this is that you can use this information to guide you in your decision-making when it comes to choosing the perfect dip for your next shindig.