What Meat Goes Well With Tomato Soup?

Tomato soup is a classic, comforting dish that everyone enjoys. The flavour of tomatoes is something that everyone can enjoy, and they go very well with most types of meat. However, a lot of people aren’t sure what kind of meat goes well with tomato soup. Read on to learn more about eating meat with tomato soup, and which meats go best with this classic soupe.

Beef and Tomato Soup

One of the most popular meat and tomato soup pairings is beef with tomato soup. In fact, beef and tomato soup is probably the most popular tomato soup pairing out there. Why is beef so popular? Because beef is a very flavorful, hearty meat that goes well with tomatoes and squash alike.

The beef adds a savoury, meaty flavour to the tomato soup, which pairs well with the mild, sweet flavour of tomatoes. You can add as much or as little beef to the tomato soup as you like. If you’re looking to make a tomato soup that’s mostly beef, then add a couple of cups of beef broth to the soup while it simmer’s.

Lamb and Tomato Soup

Another popular stewing meat and tomato soup pairing is lamb with tomato soup. Lamb is a very flavourful, mild-tasting meat that’s great for pairing with tomato soup. Adding some lamb to tomato soup will make the stew a little more savoury, which goes well with the sweet, mild flavour of tomatoes. The addition of some bread crumbs or pasta is a great way to add some extra carbs to tomato soup, as well as some extra flavour.

Pork and Tomato Soup

Although pork and tomato soup isn’t too common, people who enjoy this type of pairing will know it’s one of the tastiest pairings! Pork is a very flavourful, hearty meat that goes well with tomato soup. Adding some pork to tomato soup will add some extra savoury flavour, and the extra taste is a great way to balance out the tomato soup’s sweet flavour. You can also add some sausage to the soup while it simmers, to add an extra punch of flavour.

Chicken and Tomato Soup

Chicken and tomato soup is one of the most flavourful soup combinations, and it’s great for anyone who wants to amp up their soups for the week! Chicken adds a little extra punch of flavour to the soup, while tomatoes are a sweet and mild-tasting vegetable. Chicken and tomato soup is also a great source of protein, which is very important for anyone who eats a vegetarian diet.

Seafood and Tomato Soup

Another popular broth pairing for seafood and tomato soup is seafood and tomato soup. Seafood adds a lot of extra flavour to the tomato soup, which is perfect for anyone who wants to add some extra taste to their soups. Salmon, crab, shrimp, and more are some of the most common types of seafood used in seafood and tomato soup.


Eating meat with tomato soup is a great way to enjoy a classic, hearty meat while also enjoying the mild, delicious taste of tomatoes. Some of the most flavourful meat pairings include beef, lamb, pork, and seafood.

When it comes to choosing which meat to add to tomato soup, it all comes down to personal preference and what tastes best to you! If you’re looking to add a little extra something to your tomato soup for the week, try one of these flavourful pairings!